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Demineralized bone matrix (DBM)

Demineralized bone matrix or DBM is an allograft produced from ground cortical bone that has had the inorganic mineral removed, leaving behind the organic collagen matrix. Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) contains the full array of naturally occuring growth factors that provide the osteoinductive signal to form new bone. DBM gives you the benefits that you would expect from a typical allograft particulate, while being more resistant to washing away or migrating from the surgical site. Used for socket preservations, ridge augmentations, and sinus lift cases or anywhere a block graft can be used.

  1. Starting at: $139.99

    DBM Putty, from DCI Donor Services Tissue Bank, offers enhanced regenerative capacity, and superior handling, by using a proprietary combination of demineralized cortical fibers and demineralized cortical particulate.

    • Reficio DBM is Made from 100% demineralized human bone – no carriers, fillers or binding agents.
    • Osteoconductive and Osteoinductive 
    • Robust Handling and Optimized Regenerative Capacity.
    • Easy storage at ambient room temperature
    • Ready for immediate use: no prep time or reconstitution required
    • Donor recovery and screening performed according to AATB and FDA guidelines
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  2. Starting at: $100.99

    C-Blast DBM Putty is a demineralized cortical bone matrix combined with cancellous bone powder, and a natural resorbable carrier.
    • Available in a 0.3 CC Syringe!
    • Open Bore Syringes (No more putty left in the tip!)
    • Excellent Handling, due to Natural Carrier which prevents graft migration.
    • Contains Cancellous Bone for Effective Scaffold. No need to add other graft material.
    • Compares to: Puros DBM, Salvin Allosculpt-3D

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