Demineralized Cortico-Cancellous Bone Particles

Get the best of both worlds with our demineralized, freeze-dried, cortical and cancellous bone graft mix. Allograft cancellous and cortical bone graft particle mix offers an osteoconductive scaffold for promoting bone regeneration. The cortical component provides structural integrity and space-maintaining capability, while the cancellous component’s porous architecture promotes faster remodeling. Available in Small Particle (125 - 850 um) or Large Particle (250- 1000 um) sizes.

Some clinicians prefer demineralized freeze-dried bone (DFDBA) because it is believed that the demineralization process for freeze-dried bone exposes osteoinductive molecules. However, because of the demineralization process, demineralized freeze-dried bone (DFDBA) loses some of its mechanical stability and may resorb faster than mineralized freeze dried bone (FDBA). 1

1. Ridge Preservation for Implant Therapy: a Review of the Literature, Elizabeth M Tomlin, Shelby J Nelson, and Jeffrey A Rossmann, Open Dent J. 2014; 8: 66–76.

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