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Calcium Sulfate Grafting Products

Calcium sulfate, is a material that has been used as a bone-filling material for more than 110 years. It has been shown to be completely bioabsorbable, to be osteoconductive, to allow fibroblast migration, to not cause an inflammatory response, and to not elevate serum calcium levels.

  1. DentoGen is an FDA-approved medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dental applications, including dental implants.

    Each Box of Dentogen includes: 2 patient kits (2 Grams of Calcium Sulfate)!  Each kit includes 1 gram of medical grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate, 5 ml regular set solution and 10 ml Fast set solution. Buy 3 or more Dentogen Boxes and save over 20%!

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  2. Starting at: $128.00

    Bond Apatite is a new grafting product that combines biphasic calcium sulfate with a formula of hydroxyapatite granules in a pre-filled syringe to create a self-setting cement for bone graft procedures.

    • Easy to prepare & Use! Delivered in a dual-chamber,prefilled syringe, containing the granulated powder and physiological saline.
    • Self-setting cement, with an ability to attach to and set at the work site and to bond to granular bone substitutes, preventing them from moving.
    • Membrane coverage is advisable but not essential
    • Biocompatible
    • Convenient to work with and shape – significantly reduces treatment time and makes the clinician’s work easier.
    • Exactly the same as MIS 4Matrix. 1
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