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Tissue Grafting

Acellular dermal matrix grafts were a major advance in tissue grafting, with the key benefit that human acellular dermis avoids the need for palatal tissue harvesting. Other benefits of human acellular dermis include: unlimited availability, improved patient case acceptance, greater case possibilities, and a more efficient surgical procedure. The long-term success of dermal matrix grafts has been well documented in soft-tissue augmentation around teeth, as well as dental implants

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    Matrix IQ Dermis is human acelluar dermis, which has the natural elasticity of human skin. Acellular dermis is ideal for the replacement of damaged or inadequate tissue for the repair, reinforcement, or supplemental support of soft tissue defects.

    • Compare to Alloderm 1 and Puros Dermis1
    • No "Basement Membrane". Can be placed on either side!
    • Excellent For GTR/GBR And Oral Soft Tissue Correction
    • No Refrigeration - Store At Room Temperature
    • Packaged Sterile For Increased Patient Safety - 5 years of shelf life
    • Minimally processed to preserve the extracellular matrix
    • Available in various sizes and thicknesses (Thin: 0.5-1.0mm Thick: 1.0-1.5 mm).
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