Titanium Reinforced ePTFE Membranes

Ti-Enforced microporous ePTFE membranes are a multi-layer, non-resorbable membrane intended to be surgically placed under the muco-periosteum to aid in tissue regeneration in accordance with the guided tissue regeneration principle. Sterile, double-pouched. Available in a variety of sizes.

  • One optimal thickness - 200um
  • Flat and easily conformable
  • Textured on both surfaces.

More about Titanium Reinforced Membranes

Ti-Enforced membranes are composed of a titanium frame enclosed within two layers of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) material. It is a passive, non-load bearing membrane. The titanium reinforcement is intended for space and shape maintenance to contain bone grafting material and to minimize graft migration during wound healing. Ti-Enforced membranes are designed to reduce the migration and establishment of gingival tissue derived cells into bony defects thus providing a more favorable environment for neovascularization and bone derived cells to repopulate and repair the defect.

By having both surfaces of these Titanium Reinforced Membranes textured, doctors do not have to be concerned about which side should face up toward the gingival tissue or face down toward the bone graft material. This makes it easier for doctors to use the membrane.

Titanium Reinforced Membrane Cases