Trinon Titanium GmbH

Trinon Titanium GmbH was founded in 1993 by its owner Miroslaw Pienkowski. The company specializes in the fabrication of titanium products and, over the course of the company’s development, it has successively covered all the areas in which titanium is used, including implant dentistry and other medical fields. Trinon introduced the Q-Implant® system to the market in 1998. The idea was to design an implant system that is very clear and easy to use. Each system component was chosen to provide the user with maximum clarity and at the same time ensure safety through its simplicity Trinon employs about 250 people and now has a substantial customer base throughout the EU, in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Latin and South America and also in Asia (including South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam) and USA.

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