Managing the lingual flap

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How to Release the Lingual Flap

In bone augmentation procedures, the correct release of the soft tissue is one of the key elements to achieve clinical success. An insufficient release[...]

sinus lift osteotomes

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Digital Implant Placement with Sinus Lift using Osteotome

In this video, digital planning and guides are used to perform an osteotome-mediated sinus lift followed by implant placement.[...]

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Ridge Preservation and Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone

This video shows a case where ridge preservation techniques were used in the esthetic area, and an implant was placed 3 months later in[...]

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Grafting: 3 Minutes about the 3 mm Rule

The 3mm rule is a really simple rule that is excellent to apply before you are considering soft tissue grafting. [...]

Educational Videos

Split Thickness Apically Repositioned Flap

This video shows you how to create attached gingiva in the upper jaw by creating a split thickness flap.[...]

Bone Regeneration Educational Videos

GBR and Esthetic Implant to Solve a Complex Case

In this case, the patient presented with a resorbed ugly looking upper incisor. The chief complaint was to try to re-establish function and esthetics.[...]

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