BioCover: First Allograft Composed of Amnion for Use in Treatment of Gingival Recession

Human amnion tissue is the inner most lining of the amniotic sac. This unique, collagenous membrane represents the part of the placenta which encloses the unborn baby through term. Each layer of amnion tissue consists of a single layer of epithelium cells, thin reticular fibers (basement membrane), a thick compact layer, and a fibroblast layer. The basement membrane of amnion tissue contains collagen types III, IV and V and cell-adhesion bioactive factors including fibronectin and laminins.

BioCover represents the first allograft composed of amnion tissue for use as a wound covering for the treatment of gingival recession. BioCover is a processed, dehydrated graft containing multiple layers of human amnion tissue. Each BioCover is sealed in a double pouch configuration and terminally sterilized.

BioCover   BioCover allograft

BioCover features an “SM” embossed onto the BioCover surface. This allows clinicians to easily identify the basement membrane side of BioCover and helps ensure proper orientation during placement.


The light microscope picture, at 100x magnification, details the multiple layers of a hydrated BioCover. Photograph courtesy of Charley Cobb, DDS, PhD

BioCover does not require hydration prior to use. It rehydrates upon placement and naturally self-adheres to the exposed root surface and proximal bone. This unique attribute eliminates the need to suture the graft into place. The illustration below highlights graft placement, the graft self-adhering to the defect, and closure of the surgical site.

BioCover application

BioCover is for single use only. The product can be stored at room temperature, has a five year shelf life, and is available in three sizes. Generally, a small can treat one tooth, a medium, up to three teeth, and a large, up to an entire quadrant.

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    Im dr.sam post graduate doing masters in dept. of periodontology i want to do my dissertation on this product.please inform me about the cost and its availability and studies alredy conducted.

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    i would like to understand is this membrane requires bone graft material in vertical bone defects?
    is it resorbable or does it require a second surgery for its removal?
    and is there any providers for this material in the middle east?
    Dr.Tamer.H Zayed,BDS

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    my question is how much the price of this membrane,and if need to bone graft or other materials
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