Carbides for Crown Preps

There are a number of carbides now being pushed for doing crown preps. I tried the SS White Great White and I thought they were terrible. It might be that they didn’t work as well as they were supposed to in my air turbine handpieces. They might do better in electric handpieces with greater torque. I have seen advertisements for Crown-Prepping carbide burs from Komet. Are these any better? What carbides are you using?

According to Komet, their new:

“Carbide Crown Prepping Instruments are superior to previous prepping instruments because they allow for precise and controlled tooth reduction while providing a finished surface comparable to that achieved by using a diamond finisher. Designed by Donald J. Alexander, DDS, of Jacksonville, Fla., the instruments provide quick, smooth, and chatter-free cut patterns. The residual finish allows for both gross and finish work to be accomplished using the same instrument.”

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  1. Dr. Child says:

    Clinicians Report (formerly CRA) is currently conducting a study comparing these carbide burs to diamonds in both air turbines and electric handpieces. It includes clinical trials as well as in-vitro testing for cutting efficiency, longevity, margin definition, etc. Look for it early 2009.

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