Clarity: Useful for Making Transfer Impressions with Implants?

clarity.jpgI do quite a bit of implant restorations. Recently, I saw an advertisement for Clarity [Park Dental Research], a transparent impression material. This looked pretty useful for situations like making transfer impressions with implants. I also see uses in making temporary bridges and veneers. I am just wondering if I will actually use this material enough to justify stocking it. I would like to find out if any of you are using it and what you are using it for. Have you found this material useful for implant impressions?

Editor’s Note:
According to Park Dental Research:

  • CLARITY! (with a transparent tray) allows you to clearly see the position of the transfer copings and abutments.
  • CLARITY! eliminates the guesswork involved in the impression process by permitting clear vision of the implant components.
  • CLARITY! makes the impression process simple and precise with either an open or closed tray.