Curing Lights: Recommendations?

Dr. L. asks:
I need new curing lights. I have two operatories and want to use the same one in both rooms. I have no idea which curing light to buy. There are so many on the market and every company says that their product is the best and the others have problems. However, I am not an engineer and I do not understand the literature on this. I would very much appreciate if some of you more technically oriented dentists could make some recommendations based on your real-life experience. What are the real benefits of some curing lights over others? Money is no object here.

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  1. I have been using the Discus rechargeable led lights over the years, and have found them to be very reliable and priced sensibly. As time has gone by, the models have gotten brighter and brighter. I have had their most recent offering, the Mega light with three leds, for about 3 months, and find it to be the brightest light I’ve ever used. You really need eye protection. It easily cures 3mm in 10 seconds. Just for a backup I also bought an led light on ebay that was made in China. Quite effective and $99. I use principally Herculite XRV.

  2. I have also been using the Discus LED lights for several years. I think that they are junk! I think they are over priced as well. I received a letter from Discus today saying that they were running a $200 discount on their new LED lights. The normal price was in the $800+ range and they are willing to give you $200 off this price. I don’t think it takes a genius to conclude that if they are willing to take $200 off tha the lights are way over priced.

    Shop around. Use EBay and see what you can find. Stay away from anything from Discus. It is a huge money making machine that really only cares about themselves and not dental practices!

  3. Check out the Sapphire Pac Light from Denmat. True 5 -sec cure nad can be used for Bleaching light and they are currentlty working on oral cancer screening capabilities. Saves a lot of time when curing. Especially with kids / sealants.

  4. Gordon J Christensen Clinicians Report (formerly CRA) frequently does reviews of curing lights. In the July 2008 issue, it was reported that the Demi and the Fusion both performed well in both clinical and laboratory testing. LED’s, halogens, and plasma arcs are also reported in the May 2007, Feb 2006, and April 2004. Lights change frequently with small additions and are hard to keep up on. The Report is non-biased and presents each curing light side by side with others comparing both clinical features and mechanical/engineering features. Worth a look.

  5. I am using the demi from demetron. works very well quiet,and very fast – enough for 5 second cures. on the downsid? IT IS BUILT FROM MATERIALS OF THE WORST POSSIBLE QUALITY.EASILY DISCOLOURED TO A bright LIGHT YELLOW hue just by using standard surfase disinfectant? cracks are appearing on the body of the instrument .all this after barely six mnths of use.a disgrace really for demetron!

  6. Hi There,

    To avoid confusion, please read Dr. Christension’s Curing Light Dilema in the JADA online. It helped me alot.

    \I had used PAC lights, one for each of the operatory: the Power Arc from American Medical Technology & Arc Light from Air Techniques for six years. The first two years, they worked well but we had to change curing tips once every six months since they did not give 5-10 sec calibration time as recommended. I see only 4-5 patients a day and have maintained my equipments very well.

    Then after two years, I had to repair at least 3 times each for about $1,300.00 including shipping & everything else. I can now no longer use them since they were sent out for repair & the repair technician told me that I should buy new ones since the cost to fix is another $1300. So this is why I am shopping now.

    I am very sure I will not buy another PAC light even though Rembrantd Sapphire is highly recommended buy evaluators (I am sure the evaluators have many curing lights to use so they don’t use as often as or as long as we use in our private offices!)

    I had gone to many CE courses & thoght that the most expensive & most recommended would be best but that what had truely happened to me in the last six years.

    After the 3 hours of reading and researching, I’ve decided to buy the Ultra-Lume 5 because it has a light meter to test & easy to calibrate every day, is affordable and convenient and reliable. Plus Ultradent always has good service and a loaner if your light needs repair. My strategy is to get something not too expensive and can always get a better one next year if I have to repair once after two years or so. Technology is giving us better things every day.

    I hope you can get a good light that you are happy with & won’t be confused anymore!

  7. Demi from Kerr, trash, got two for $1200 each, , one worked for 2 months and then stopped working, the other one looks like 10 year old, merely after 4 months of use. I saw at the ADA a korean light called Good Drs 1600mw strong , 1/2 the cost of Demi , and cannt be any worse , maybe worth a try.

  8. I bought a Demi in July, 2008 and used it for about 3 months and just like the other posts, it started to crack after disinfecting over the 3 months. Luckily, I got a replacement one after I complained and I have been using a plastic barrier on it. Hopefully, it won’t crack now!

  9. I bought Good Drs ligth about four months ago. I find it amazing. Really works in 5 secs. True you have to keep in mind the heat that it generates. For that mattter you have lots of options in light intensity and time. So far, I didnĀ“t have any problem with the hardware.

  10. Has anyone tried the new Valo curing light from Ultradent? If so, could you please give me some feedback. How does it compare to others?
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  11. We recently purchased 2 Fusion Pro X curing lights from a company called Just Dental Supplies based in the UK. They were on a special offer at a dental show. We are very happy with the lights, they cure quickly, are very light, cordless, have different settings and are 5W. I’m a general dental practioner and my colleague Bob is an Orthodontist. He uses this curing light for ortho use too. For what we were going to pay for 1 light with a different company we managed to secure 2.

  12. I have 2 PAC lights: 1)Apollo 95E from DMD (no longer in business since 2001) in California for about 10 years. Has worked well consistently and provided low to no sensitivity with composite resins and bonded ceramics. Advertised as a 3 second cure but in reality a 10 second cure with rest time for the machine.
    2) DenMat Sapphire the past 2 years which is a true 3 second cure. This also functions as an in-office bleaching light.
    Both are corded.
    I’m looking for a cordless LED and am reading mixed reviews about the Kerr Demi and Ivoclar G2.
    Has anyone used the cordless FlashMax 15W light that claims over 4000 mW/cm2?

  13. We have fusion from dentlight and demi from kerr after getting cra recommendations last year. Great lights and well proven. Fusion is smaller, easier to clean and amazing power. Looking at flashmax online, hard to believe 1 second. 3 min battery time and service could be problematic.

  14. i have been usin the PAC light “Sapphire” from denmat..and it’s been great..5 seconds max for any curing of any increment…very time saving and great results….great tip for bleaching as well…good asset in the clinic…

  15. I am moises . I am Peruvian. I dont know if you are aware of the brand litex from dentamerica. I also want to purchase a Led light. Has anyone used 695 c cordless led light?

  16. Looking for curing light. My virtuoso by rembrandt burned itself and they have no repair for it cuz its discontinued. Now im forced to buy again. Im debating on mini LED by acteon 2200-3000mw for est$1k or a sapphire by denmat for $2k. Im kinda reluctant to invest in denmat..they might shutdown the brand again and be left with no repair option. However i dont know acteon. ANy feedbacks on LED supercharge or autofocus by Acteon ? Please help me.

  17. My demi is still going strong after 2yr, no cracks or discoloration. It looks like it did when it came out of the box. My staff disinfects with prospray c60 and cavicide wipes.

  18. Handpiece lube discolors my gloves, maybe it could spread and do the same to the demi’s handle?

  19. Hi there!
    I am happy user of Valo from almost 1 year. This is the best choice I ever made.
    I have already 5 for each operatory. Small, powerful, extremely colimated and durable.

  20. I also have a VALO light. Best ever due to following:
    High power output options shortens curing time! This is a big time saver(cost saver) as I hate to sit and wait for curing time to pass and this has drastically shortens my appointments and increased my income.
    Excellant for curing sealants, cerecs (fast)

    The powercord ensures always optimal curing.
    Very durable!

  21. Hi,

    I have an Apollo 95E DMD, and it fell down and the black tip/point broke; does anybody know where I can buy only the tip/point of the equipment?


  22. Short time/high intensity polymerization is BAD for your patients, whether you are using QTH, LED or PAC. Take Pubmed word for it and not mine. The highest Stress contraction, Burning of tissues, Pulpal Damage, britle composite, highly prevalent post operative sensitivity, and that is just for start.
    At this time, scientific results are clear and using these type of LCU is UNETHICAL. And please give me a break about Gordon Christensen “unbiased” testing. COMMON!

  23. I bought total of 3 Discus dental FLASHlite (2 regular and 1 magna) in last 4-5 year period, and they were working fine first year but after that the rechargeable batteries go bad and the batteries cannot be replaced. Every time I call the customer service, they want me to buy a new one because they can offer special promotion for the replacement. Now all 3 lights are not working and need to shop for a new one.
    If you are planning to replace the unit every 2 years, it is not a bad light. But I need more reliable unit this time. No wonder their warranty is only one year!

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