Cutting Thru Metal Frameworks on Bridge?

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Today I had to cut off a 3-unit bridge made of base metal alloy. The metal framework was very thick. I tried coarse diamonds first which did not get me anywhere. I then tried out a new product called metal cutters from Microcopy. They are supposed to make it easy to cut through metal – hence the name metal cutters. These burs chattered and bounced off the metal. They broke almost as frequently as the 556 cross-cut fissure burs that I tried. Please, if anybody knows of any product that will allow me to cut through these metal frameworks – what is it?

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  1. Fortunately these thick non-precious metal bridges are few and far between. I know that the best helper I have in tackling this problem is my Kavo electric handpiece, a big pile of SSWhite’s number 2 sharks and maybe inverted cones size 34 with Brassler’s 097K crown remover.
    Section thru the thinnest solder joint with the sharks first. Then use the inverted cones to create an undercut ledge on the buccal of each of the retainers. Next use the sharks to open an occlusal window on the retainers to allow the crown remover to engage and pop off the crowns.
    No luck? Don’t try too hard or you’ll snap of the tooth. To bad, now you can slot the crown completely and use the Gingi-Pak Nemetz crown remover to twist in the slot and hopefully successfuly remove the bridge without damaging the teeth.

  2. I start with a narrow Medium Grit diamond bur,creatinga slit.
    Then I use a 330 carbide going up & down the slit with plenty of water.It is better to start wit a 330 that is NOT new.They will shatter sometimes,use protective eye gear (of course) and plenty of water with excellent H. Vaccum.

  3. Be careful removing non-precious/base metal castings not to overheat the tooth or fracture an abutment when attempting to use a crown remover of any type. An electric handpiece will help, but to say you’ll cut through a heavy casting in seconds is overly optimistic, especially if the castings were cemented with panavia, 4-meta, or other bonding cement. If that is the case, be prepared to grind off every square millimeter of metal because you aren’t going to grind a slot and pop it off with anybody’s crown remover.

    I generally use an SSW 1558 bur in an electric handpiece to cut through these castings because they have round ended blades at the tip which cuts smoothly, they don’t have a premium price, and they cut as well or better than the so-called premium crown or metal cutting burs.

  4. I usually use GW 2 great white carbide cutters from SS White. Make a slot from buccal to lingual on the retainers, making sure that you cut till the matgins of the crown. Use a perioasteal elevator in the slot on the occlusal surface and twist. The distal portion of both the retainers can be removed. Use a crown remover to remove the rest of the bridge.

  5. is it possible to make bridge wethouth cutting te teeth?????? plz tel me i dont wanna cut my teeth

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