Demetron Demi: Faster Time for True Cure?

Anon asks:

Demetron DemiI have been using the Demetron LED and I have to replace it now. I was looking at the Demetron Demi, which has just come out.

Demetron Demi is supposed to use something called Periodic Level Shifting (PLS) from 1100 to 1300 mW/cm squared. I have no idea what the means or what advantage that confers. Can somebody explain that? Also according to Kerr, the light only requires 5 seconds for a true cure. That is really fast. Right now I cure for 20 seconds in 2-3mm resin increments. The handle also looks smaller than most of the other curing units and it looks like it will be easier to handle. Is anybody using this and would you recommend it?

One thought on “Demetron Demi: Faster Time for True Cure?

  1. Eu gostaria de saber mais sobre a tecnologia PLS utilizada no DEMI com objetivo de baixar a temperatura.

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