thermafil-pos.jpgThermafil offers a unique, patented, central carrier that is uniformly pre-coated with gutta-percha. In a single insertion Thermafil achieves a rapid three-dimensional obturation of the root canal system. During insertion the gutta-percha precedes the carrier apically, obturating the canal to the apex, filling available lateral and accessory canals at the same time. Of course, the success of every endodontic procedure depends on proper debridement, cleansing and shaping of the root canal system.

At the heart of the Thermafil is a flexible 25mm plastic carrier with a .04 taper. Sizes range from ISO 20 to ISO 140. All Thermafil Carriers are fully biocompatible and radiopaque and are available in packs of six or as 2 special kits, (Anterior ISO 45-100 and Posterior ISO 20 – 40).

The Thermaprep Plus oven is specifically designed to meet the heating requirements of Thermafil obturators. With a choice of three different heating regimes, it takes only 15 seconds on average to heat up most sizes of Thermafil obturator. Replacement Thermafil obturators are available in packs of six in ISO sizes 20 to 140.

Verifier Files are made to the same size as the Thermafil plastic carrier and with the same precise .04 taper. These hand instruments are used to check the final fit of the Thermafil point. As Verifier Files are made from flexible Nickel Titanium alloy, they will conform to the natural shape of most prepared root canals. Replacement Verifier Files can be bought in packs of six, either in individual ISO sizes or as assorted packs.

Thermacut burs are a simple stainless steel blunt bur used to create enough frictional heat to separate the Thermafil carrier from its handle – and are available in packs of six as a separate item.

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  1. If you use this thermafil obturation, do you still need to make a post? Can you just leave a little bit of the central carrier, and then make the core?

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