patient_care_312×166.jpgThe most recent advance in dental materials has been the application of nylon-like materials to the fabrication of dental appliances. This material, Valplast, generally replaces the metal, and the pink acrylic denture material used to build the framework for standard removable partial dentures. ValPlast is similar to the material used to build those fluorescent orange traffic cones you sometimes see on highways. It is nearly unbreakable, is colored pink like the gums, can be built quite thin, and can form not only the denture base, but the clasps as well. Since the clasps are built to curl around the necks of the teeth, they are practically indistinguishable from the gums that normally surround the teeth.

According to Valplast:

“Metal-based RPD design is complex because it has to adapt rigid materials to a flexible environment. This leaves room for error particularly under conditions where ideal designs and clinical preparations are challenged.

In contrast, the material in flexible partials is perfectly suited to the variety of natural conditions in the mouth. It simplifies the design and enables the RPD itself to balance the simultaneous requirements of retention, support and stability.

Flexibility removes many of the unwanted aspects of metal partials. There are fewer steps in the treatment process because preparation of natural teeth is unnecessary. Without the metal frame, the fabrication and try-in processes have also been simplified. In addition, the choice of a Valplast partial avoids the placement of metal in your patient’s mouth, which allows you to satisfy the patient’s interest in metal-free dentistry.”

Patients like Valplast a lot better than their old metal framework removable partial dentures. Far more comfortable and much better aesthetics.

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  2. hi i also wanted to say did you know that valplast has no odor even out of your mouth in the morning lorraine drake i need a dentist in the seattle area who is very familiar with valplast for full and partial dentures thank you

  3. I had a steel base partial from 1985 to 2008 and then I decided to get a new Valpalst partial. I am quite happy with the fit and appearance, however the plastic on the roof of my mouth seem a bit ruff on my tongue and it seems to me that the taste of food is a bit askew. Does anyone have any data on the interaction of Valpalst on the tongue’s taste buds??? Thanks.

  4. I am interested ValPlast partial dentures. Can provide name of experienced dentist in the Suffolk, Va or nearby area?

  5. I’ve been making flexible dentures using FRS-199 for my patients & they are absolutely wonderful. Pts are happy as they are light in weight,don’t have metal claps & are free of any bad smell.

  6. Does ValPlast come in a full bottom denture, my denture for the bottom does not stay in, even with adhesives, my bottom gum is the problem due to the shrinking of the gums over the years since I had all the teeth removed, Can these Valplast dentures work for me?

  7. Ive had a valplast for 6 years,uppers only 4 original teeth that i just had removed and a regular denture made. I loved my valplast partial and never had a problem with it. I wanted to keep it and put more theeth on it but they said no. Yet my other dentist had told me i could add theeth on to the valplast as needed. can i still add theeth onto my old valplast? I do need a back up set of theeth. Do they make full dentures with valplast? I used denture adhesive to keep my valplast in and it worked. Then it stayed in by its self. So can i have more theeth added to mine. thanks.annie

  8. I am interested in valplast full dentures, do they make them and does any one know of a lab or dentist in the Wichita, Kansas area ?

  9. Hello. My name is Tracy and I live in Canada. I have full upper and lower dentures made with Valplast. They are nice and light weight. I went to a regular dentist to have them done. I believe you can also get them in the States. Seattle has a lab. The only thing with full dentures is that they are not as bendy as partials, but is you heat them up in hot water you can bend them a bit too. Also, inserting them in hot water and then into your mouth will have a great fit. They’ll mold to your mouth and you won’t need adhesives which are discusting in my opinion. Hope this helps.

  10. My experience with Valplast has been very unsatisfactory.
    I have worn several partial dentures over 40yrs.
    Till now I have never had an issue with comfort.
    Since receiving my Valplast Denture I do experience severe discomfoort on a Daily Basis.
    Each evening I can’t wait to remove the denture as a result of this distasteful foreign material in my mouth.
    The palate is also furry and at times very dry and rough. Although I am thorough and regular with cleaning. This material seems to hold food tast and odour like I have never before experienced.
    I was of the impression that because this Valplast material is light and flexible the Denture itself would be petite.
    To the contrary this is the largest and most bulky denture I have ever worn.

    The one advantage is the absence of metal hooks.
    As soon as I am able this will be replaced and am hopeing I can have a Metal Plate Denture with Valplast Hooks.

  11. I just left the dentist office and need to have an extraction. I have valplast upper partial and the dentist said they cannot add teeth to valplast, is this true?


  12. According to my denturist, a check with the dental lab revealed that more teeth can be added to a Valplast denture. This information came from the denture lab in Calgary Alberta where my valplast partial was made. I conducted a lot of research on the Valplast denture prior to spending money on it.

  13. I am looking for a Dentist in Tampa, FL who can have a full set of Valplast dentures made for me. Please I need help. Thank You!

  14. I’m getting mine next wk to try fitting before they give them to me to make sure they fit. Mine are going to cost me nearly $1400 which is a lot but my insurance won’t cover any of it until ive had the insurance for a yr and that won’t be until 2011 and i can’t wait that long. So I just need to pay $700 now and then make payments. Next I will need work done on my bottom and when that gets done the insurance will cover half.

  15. for Mike in Tampa, fl call Dr. Nguyen @ #813-920-9633 or 727-5459560. make sure you tell Dr. Nguyen that i send you..THANKS SHORTT

  16. WE are in Oakville, ONtario. My Mom would like to get Valplast dentures. does anyone know of a dentist in this area that can provide these.??

  17. I too am having trouble with my Valplast partial lower denture. I am really happy with the look and fit but most of the time it feels terrible. The best way I can describe it is “furry”. My dental mechanic can’t understand it, Valplast company don’t reply to my questions via email. My dental mechanic did replace the first one as he hadn’t given me cleaning instructions and I used Steradent and a soft toothbrush which I have since learned is a no no. The new one was OK for a few weeks but now is “furry’ like the other one and I fear I will have to replace it with the “old fashioned” one. By the way I am very used to dentures having worn them for almost 50 years

  18. I am working with Valplast for 3 years now..after 30 years metal experiens!It changed my live!!And also of my clients..Very importand is client information!!Yuo have to clean very well..using brusch and Valclean also put it in the water before use!!When it feels “furry”the valplast has to be polished!!!no problem..10 minutes..i am happy to see furry Valplasts because its the proof of good fitting and i call my clients 1 time a year for a polish refitt 30€..ciao from a happy Valplast mechanic Florence Itali

  19. I just got my bridgework in today; upper & lower back molars. My dentist said I don’t have to take them out when I brush my teeth after eating. Could food particles get between the bridge & my own teeth resulting in cavities? My bridgework is not flexible, as I had read about your website on Valplast. The lower bridge, the pink “gum” part comes up to nearly the top of my teeth. Is this normal? Thank you.

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