Diaroot: Effective Treatment for Repair of Root Perforations?

Dr. D. asks:

diaroot.jpgI do a lot of my own endo. Every now and then I get a furcal or root perforation. I used to pack these with calcium hydroxide or glass ionomer. I started referring these to my endodontist when ProRoot MTA [Tulsa Dental] came out. ProRoot MTA is supposed to be the most effective treatment for perforations, at least according to what I have read. ProRoot MTA is very expensive and I cannot afford to stock it or use it. DiaDent has now released their new product DiaRoot specifically for treating perforations. Has anybody tried Diaroot? What are the endodontists saying about its effectiveness in treating perforations? Is it as good as ProRoot MTA?

Editor’s Note:
According to DiaDent:

“DiaRoot is a biocompatible pure white powder composed of ceramic particles. Upon mixing DiaRoot with BioA Liquid, the hydrophilic BioAggregate Powder promotes cementogenesis and forms a hermetic seal inside the root canal. Its effectiveness to clinically block off bacterial infection, ease of material manipulation and superior quality make DiaRoot the most innovative and unique root canal repair material.”

8 thoughts on “Diaroot: Effective Treatment for Repair of Root Perforations?

  1. Recently I have used BioAggregate for endo. It’s an excellent material for RC Repair material and pulp capping.

    BioAggregate is good as ProRoot MTA. It is similar to MTA chemically, which is Calcium Phosphate Silicate Cement. It is finer than MTA and the color is white.

    For the small root canl perforation, you can use BioAggregate sealer named as iRoot SP. It is not for repair material like BioAggregate. According to the manfuacturer’s instruction, iRoot SP is a root canal sealer, not for root-end filling, furcal perforation. But as RC Sealer, it can be used for Root Canal perforation and resorption. It is easier than any other sealer for root perf. Injectable Calcium Phosphate Silicate Cement. If possible, I would like to use iRoot SP as canal perf.

    Good Luck.

  2. I tried DiaRoot for perforation repair. It is good. I probed and explored the perforation area two weeks after repairing; the site was sealed and hard like rock.

  3. BioAggregate and iRoot are excellent new products released recently by IBC/Veriodent – Canada. DiaRoot is the same material as BioAggregate made by IBC under private label for Dia-Dent.

    Handling properties of both materials are excellent and much better than of MTA. We have been using both materials for more than 4 months by now with excellent results.
    We have developed our own RCT protocol for filling even 02 taper shaped RCs with BioA using an instruments kit developed by ourselves.

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