GBR and Esthetic Implant to Solve a Complex Case

Video from Dr. Roberto Rossi, Doctor of Dentistry at Genoa University.

In this case, the patient presented with a resorbed ugly looking upper incisor. The chief complaint was to try to re-establish function and esthetics. Tooth was extracted and the socket grafted with a xenograft. Upon healing and bone regeneration an implant was placed using guided surgery and soft tissue conditioned with a temporary crown. After soft tissue conditioning and ossointegration a digital impression was taken and a CAD/CAM restoration delivered to re-establish esthetics and function

About Dr. Roberto Rossi
roberto-rossiDr. Roberto Rossi is Doctor of Dentistry at Genoa University in Italy. Dr. Rossi is also received a Master of Science in Periodontology at Boston University and has established his practice in Italy limited to Periodontology and Implant dentistry.

Dr. Rossi is a researcher on guided tissue regeneration and he is a professor in the departments of Periodontology of different Italian Universities. He is also a professor at the Master in Periodontology programme at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome since 2000 and a Member of national and international associations.

Roberto Rossi is a lecturer and is also an author of publications on peer reviewed magazines. He helped to co-author the book ‘Bone, Biomaterials and Beyond’.

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One thought on “GBR and Esthetic Implant to Solve a Complex Case

  1. Dennis Flanagan DDS MSc says:

    Nice case Roberto. What was that debridement burr? A 12 fluke finishing burr?
    Would you also consider the “ice cream come barrier” Tarnow technique and a facially positioned pedicle gingival graft to increase attached tissue?
    Nice job.
    Dennis Flanagan DDS MSc

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