GBR Using The Sausage Technique

Video from Dr. Howard Gluckman, of Implant & Aesthetic Academy.

This video highlights the need for extra buccal bone growth through the sausage technique, developed by Dr. Istvan Urban. Although many will look and say that there was enough bone, this is the critical mistake that is made daily. We need to ensure that we have between 2-4mm of buccal bone for LONG TERM STABILITY and without the bone this is not possible. That is why we need to graft more often than not to increase the amount of bone present. Please leave comments below.

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Summary of the Sausage Technique
The sausage technique utilises a native collagen, resorbable membrane to completely immobilise and protect a particulated bone graft (composed of 50% of autogenous bone scrapings and a xenogeneic bone graft) for the initial weeks of graft maturation. The lack of a titanium reinforced resorbable membrane can be overcome by secure fixation of the membrane on both the lingual/palatal and the vestibular side. This technique immobilises the graft material, allowing for the formation of the desired amount of bone.
Why is it called the sausage technique?
According to Dr. Istvan Urban:”Well, simply put, it’s because we use a native collagen membrane, which we stretch out with mini-tacks to completely immobilize the bone graft. Using the membrane in this way, like a skin, looks like a little sausage and achieves a very stable bone graft. This membrane beautifully allows the blood vessels to permeate through from the periosteum and the host bone and will resorb in around 4 to 6 weeks. The term sausage technique is not a medical term; rather, it is a technical term to highlight to the clinician that immobilizing the bone graft with the collagen membrane is central to the technique.”1,2

1. See In brief: the sausage technique: Dr. Istvan Urban explains the processes and concepts behind his innovative — and less invasive — approach to bone regeneration
2.Urban IA, Nagursky H, Lozada JL, Nagy K. Horizontal ridge augmentation with a collagen membrane and a combination of particu lated autogenous bone and anorganic bovine bone-derived mineral: A prospective case series in 25 patients. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent 2013;33:299-307

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  1. Mauricio Nally says:

    If you want vertical augmentation is the same technique? Does it work for vertical bone augmentation?

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