Enamel Pro: Stimulates Remineralization?

enamelpro.jpgI have quite a number of younger patients receiving orthodontic therapy. They come in for their routine oral prophylaxis. I am wondering about having my hygienists use Enamel Pro [Premier] for their prophylaxis paste. It has ACP [amorphous calcium phosphate] which should stimulate remineralization, especially around the bracket edges. As well, it should reduce caries. I am thinking this is just another way to help prevent any problems while they are in ortho. Any thoughts on this?

EditorĀ“s Note:

Enamel Pro, from Premier, is the only prophy paste with ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate). Enamel Pro creates ACP when it contacts the patient’s teeth and saliva. As ACP forms it is incorporated within the enamel surface where it remains after rinsing. The available ACP helps prevent future damage by stimulating re-mineralization of the tooth enamel. ACP fills in surface enamel crevices for an intense polish and shine.

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