HotShot: Cordless Obturation Delivery Device

HotShotDiscus Dental has come out with a new delivery system for warm gutta-percha called the HotShot. The temperature of the gutta-percha can be set up to 230 degrees Centigrade. It has the advantage of being cordless. This is supposed to be used for a backfill. Has anybody tried this and if so, how did it work? What did you do to fill the apical area before you used the backfill?

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  1. You always need a heat source to secure an apical plug so that you don’t blow out the apex.
    We recommend System B (used by most endododontist).
    If not, we have the Elements Obturation Unit which performs both functions (seal apex and backfill)

    Hope this helps…


  2. I don’t know why the heating Gutta Percha is used for backfilling. The over 200 degree heated Gutta Percha is injected to the vital or non vital canal.. No pain?
    During the cooling of heated Gutta Percha, the cooling GP is casued to shrinkage and leakage in the canal.
    Cooling GP Sealer or premixed bioceramic paste is better than heated Gutta Percha Points. Guttaflow and iRoot SP are next generation filling system, I think.

    After pugging of apex, you can inject the paste for backfilling. You don’t need to seal apex with paste sealer of iRoot SP or Guttaflow.

    Good Luck!!!

  3. you need to work the canals with lsx rotary instruments(discuss dental),and then use the corresponding gp plug(5mm),named simplifil,its after that the hotshot obtuturator comes in handy.
    good luck

  4. After plugging of apex with Simplifil (5 mm GP plug, Discus Dental), you can fill the EndoSequence BC Sealer, Brasseler USA instead hotshot or heated GP system.
    If you need the backfilling, I don’t like over 200 degreed Gutta Percha to the canal.
    Why do you use overheated gutta percha for backfilling? Heated Gutta Percha is shrinked during cooling.

    No heating, no gun is the better.


  5. Using the LSX files during instrumentation is ideal for cleaning the apical third. Then use the EndoVac to clean ALL debris out of the canal(specifically the apical third). After that you can use Simplifil plug to seal the apical third. Finally the HotShot is great at backfilling the canal after you get that simplifil apical plug in. This system is the future of Endodontics. Thanks

  6. Nobody has mentioned ultrasonic irrigation (Satelec and irrisafe tips) for superb debridement beyond the mechanically shaped areas- why?

  7. this device could be used , to inject warm viscous guutapercha into the root canal either to fill canal irregularties like an internal resorption or to back fill the rest of the canal after placing or introducing an apical pulg in the apical area 3-4 mm.
    Some could use it to fill the entire length of the canal which i think (till now) is some what may produce extrusion of the filling material if condensed and will be of no value if no condensation in this critical area . Personally i would like to prepare the canal according to the apex locator reading minus half or one millimeter to avoid damaging of any cosrtiction (if present) while iam maintaining the patency by a file size 10 or 8 (agitaiting nacol in the remeaning half milli meter , i would prefer to use a rotarey system like protaper with auto fit master cone or other system with constant taper like k3 or revo s with Greater taper master cone 4% or 6% ,
    icoat the 2/3 of the canal wall with sealer then if i have a good apical stop i will cut half milimeter from cone end , and if i didnot have a good stop i cut one or one and half milimeter, then i coat the apical third of the cone by the sealer , i insert it , then i use prefitted plugger of system B or Hottip 3 or 4 mm short of the working length ,when i remove the plugger the rest of the upper part of guttaperch will come out with the plugger, i use buchanan plugger to compact the apical pulg gentely, then if back fill the canal with this device hot shot or obtura 2 incrementily with combining compcation using buchana plugger ,, the hot shot device is very nice one , like a gun ,the back plunger is pulled then GP bullet placed and the plunger pushed forowrd untill specific ring reach specific distance , the the trigger is pulled to push the GP , the system is small , wireless, the one i have is made in korea , but i think that the quality of manfacturing of the device like the plastic material and other is not very solid , like mercedsbenz OR BMW , its somewhat like avalon from toyota no the lexus , i still love this device , who has rotating tip the provide accessability

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