iRaise: Sinus Lift Implant

iraise_logo The iRaise, from Maxillent, is a dental implant that has a unique design that allows dentists to elevate the sinus membrane safely and easily by injecting fluids into a unique channel within the implant. According to the company, it significantly reduces treatment, complications and post-operative care. As well, the iRaise implant can both reduce discomfort and improve the recovery time for patients.

i-raise implant
A traditional sinus lift procedure may require over an hour of invasive surgery, and patients could potentially require three to ten days of home rest, not to mention significant swelling and bruising. In contrast, the iRaiseTM provides a minimally invasive alternative to the sinus lift. The unique iRaise dental implant with an internal channel, allows the dentist to perform a sinus lift using a simple hydraulic method, reducing complications, post-operative care, and swelling. The iRaise currently has CE Mark approval and is commercially available in Europe and Israel.

While the iRaise looks like a very unique product, there are many currently approved and proven techniques for sinus lift, bone grafting and placement of a standard implant. Is a new Sinus lifting implant, like the iRaise, really necessary? Does anyone have experience with the iRaise? What are your thoughts?

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One thought on “iRaise: Sinus Lift Implant

  1. After performing several dozens of cases with the iRaise system I must say that to my opinion the majority of the sinus augmentation should be done with this system.Not only it shortens the treatment time and reduce the complexity of the procedure, it also has minimal post operative consequences such as swelling, hematoma and pain. This method replace not only the open sinus lift but also the closed sinus augmentation (summer’s technique). With one iRaise implant the entire sinus is grafted as opposed to summer’s which requires additional elevation for every implant placed in the sinus.The risk for membrane perforation is almost zero due to the safe hydraulic elevation which is safer than the osteotome or the baloon who generates shear stresses on the membrane.

    Shohat Izhar ,DMD, MHA

    Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon

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