med3D Software: Cheaper in the Long Run?

Dr. H asks:

implant3d.pngDoes anyone have experience with the med3D software? I believe it is initially more expensive to purchase, but since it is controlled by the dentist and not a large company like SimPlant it is cheaper to use for treatment planning in the long run.

What has been your experience with this system? Any comments on this versus Simplant would be appreciated. Thanks. Editor Note:

Med3D Software has a product called implant3D. It enables a dentist to process computertomographic scans (CT-scans) in DICOM-3-Format, which have been acquired by a radiologist and transfered to him (typically on CD-ROM) directly to his computer, a “central processing” is not required.

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4 thoughts on “med3D Software: Cheaper in the Long Run?

  1. Dr. Chenin says:

    Dear Dr. H,

    I’d like to bring your attention to different software called InVivoDental made by Anatomage Inc. that is one of the most inexpensive 3D imaging software, yet it has the most features, is very easy to use, and has amazing graphic quality and speed. It opens dicom 3 data directly and allows you do to implant planning without have to convert the data first; you just open the dicom data and start your treatment planning with a library of implants to choose from. It has other features like bone density evaluation, TMJ assessment, pan/ceph reconstruction, 3D digital study models without impressions, and much more. You should take a closer look into this product if you are serious about getting a great 3D imaging software without spending a fortune.


    Dr. Chenin

  2. drobpros says:

    I have been using Med 3D for three years now and i believe it to be superior to Nobel Guide in a number of ways. It allows the use of many different brands of fixture, allows for the user to parallel fixtures and allows for restoration of full arch when teeth remain, in one procedure. I am a prosthodontist who is in practice with three oral surgeons and we have all found this program to be incredibly useful. If you intend on purchasing the software then you must also get your lab to purchase the schick X1 or X2 i think now to allow for the fabrication of surgical templates and immediate restorations. This is about the same cost as the software. Good luck

  3. Dr. Dorian Hatchuel - periodontist says:

    I have relatively wide experience with Med3D. (Over 100 cases to date). I cannot, however, compare to Simplant since I have never used that software.

    The Med3D program is terrific. After going through a learning curve it is easy to use. The beauty of the system is it is under my own control with the help of a dental technician that produces my radiographic and surgical guides. There are no third parties involved.

    The system has become standard in my implant practice today. It helps me plan the cases, think the cases through before arriving at surgery and ensures good implant positioning. There are numerous other advantages.

    Like any tool it is not perfect but in my implant world it is a major leap forward to ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient.

    I recommend this product to anyone placing implants.


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