Pentamix: Does it Save Money and Chair Time?

Anon asks:

PentamixI work with two other dentists and we are thinking about buying a Pentamix set-up. We plan on putting the Pentamix on a cart and wheeling it from operatory to operatory as needed. We have been using the cartridges for twenty years and they work fine but we think we can cut down on chair time and waste by using the Pentamix system.

It seems pretty straightforward. Can somebody with experience with this system offer advice? Have you found that in the long term it saves money and chair time?

Editors Note:

According to 3M, the goal of the Pentamix system is: “to help you capture an accurate, problem-free impression the first time … every time. With the touch of a button, Pentamix Automatic Mixing Unit mixes and dispenses a completely homogeneous mix. And it’s free of voids that can interfere with the accuracy of the impression and the final fit of the prosthesis. Trying to manually squeeze heavy body impression material out of a cartridge dispenser can put added strain on assistants. The Pentamix™ 2 Automatic Mixing Unit puts an end to staff complaints.”

7 thoughts on “Pentamix: Does it Save Money and Chair Time?

  1. Actually I use the kettenbach version, it does not save time, but you get 0 bubbles consistently and that saves time…
    The one I use does save money because the machine costs less than half of the 3m version and the cartridges too (the silicone is really good , much better than the 3m) it also saves money because i dont have too re do impresions(almost never).
    Hope this helped.

  2. We have used the 3-M Penta machine and Garant cartridges for decades. We use several different 3-M materials depending on the situation. It saves time, saves material, makes getting perfect impressions routine, and saves aggravation. Assistants love the quick cleanup. All the positives I’m sure, means it saves money also, because time and accuracy is money. The only materials we mix by hand are temporary cements and alginates.

  3. We used the tubes for years, but the Pentix machine actually has less wasted material.
    Saves time + material.

  4. Been using the penta machine since its intro probably over 10 yrs. I dont use any pvs materials. Have used impregum medium body polyether for everything. No distortion. No remakes. No headaches.No complaints from the staff. Patients dont like the taste. I got most of my machines free or at least inexpensively through new product introductions. In my office it has been a great benefit.

  5. I have used the Penta cartridges for over 10 years, I can’t really remember when I used reprosil in the cartidges and I’m never going back. I have 3 penta machines(1 in the Box) and use it for all impressions. ie
    dentures, crowns and implants with one remake in 3 years. The material is really well mixed and if you look at the material under microscopy you can see the difference between cartridge and penta mix. Usually I push the button to extrude the material then stop/ start to really mix the material thats going into the syringe, kinda like a very well mixed wash. There is much less waste of mixing tips and a much more homogenous mix in the end. I LOVE Impregum!!!

  6. I love it when Dentists have good quality furniture. It makes me want to use them as a dentist,a nd trust that they are good at what they do.

  7. I chose impregum after evaluating many other materials. Taste and cost is a drawback but restorations are only as good as your impressions. You have to ask yourself if it is more important to taste good for three minutes or to fit well for years. The first impression is always the last with impregum, even with the hand or gun mix. Yes, I hand mix occasionally, when I am down to the end of a cartridge and time permits. You probably won’t need to do this if you only use the pentamix.
    The quality, consistency and ease of the impregm via pentamix just saves that much more time and money. There are couplers made to transfer contents of nearly spent cartridges to eachother but I question the integrity of the material and don’t want to do the research. I would never go back to anything else currently available for my fixed restorations. I still use 3M and Genie PVS for removable, temp tabs for provisionals, Dentsply PVS for bite and Dentsply alginate for everything else.

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