RegenerOss Allograft Putty: Grafting Made Easier?

3i has just come out with a new osteoinductive product – RegenerOss. It has a putty like consistency and is mostly demineralized bone matrix. Sounds like this would be very useful for packing around the implant in a case of tooth extraction followed by immediate implant placement. I do not see any downsides to this material. But has anybody used it and how well does it work?

Editor’s Note:
According to 3i, RegenerOss is:

  • Verified Osteoinductive Potential For Promoting Bone Growth On A Consistent Lot-To-Lot Basis
  • Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Content Of 40% By Weight Contains Human Growth Factors, Which Enable Bone Growth On The Surface Particles
  • Moldable Carrier That Resists Movement Under Irrigation And Provides Graft Containment For Ease Of Use In Delivery
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    1. please supply me with more details about this product. thank you very much

      dr daniele ghezzi

    2. I am interested in the RegenerOss Allograft Putty . Please send me some details about this product….

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