RelyX Luting Plus: Better Alternative for Ceramic Restorations?

relyx.jpgI have been using RelyX Unicem [3M ESPE] for about 2 years with great success. I have absolutely no complaints. Easy to use and works great. But I have heard that resin modified glass ionomer cements have fluoride release that prevents caries. There is also RelyX Luting Plus which is sort of the resin modified glass ionomer version of RelyX Unicem. Also this kind of fluoride recharges over time so that the fluoride release continues. My concern is that I want a cement that I can use for both PFMs and ceramic restorations. Can I use a resin modified glass ionomer to cement ceramic restorations? If so, what are your thoughts on RelyX? Is this the best one on the market or are there better alternatives?

Editor´s Note:

According to 3M: “RelyX Luting Plus is an advanced paste-paste, resin-modified glass ionomer formula in the convenient Clickerâ„¢ Dispenser. Strong mechanical properties and easy handling make it the perfect choice for cementing routine restorations.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to mix, load and seat
  • Consistent mix ratios
  • Enhanced marginal integrity with low solubility
  • High fracture toughness
  • Sustained fluoride release
  • Virtually no post operative sensitivity
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    1. yossi kowalsky says:

      I am a very big fan of resin modified glass ionomer. My favorite is GC Fuji plus in capsules . No mess excellent strenghth and bond plus flouride release. It’s my choice for vital and non vital teeth since sensitivity is not a problem . Don’t overdry the tooth and keep it well isolated during setting. Gc also has Fuji-cem a dispenser paste paste the assistant has to mix . According to company data it’s bond and strength is inferior. The 3m product is similair i prefer GC- fuji plus capsules. If you are cementing a feldspathic porcelein you must use a composite cement the bond reinforces the strength of the crown ;with GI the crown would break. 3M unicem is the cement of choioce ,or panavia if you don’t mind the hassle . If its a Procera alumina or zirconia fuji plus works great no hassle. I assume it would be the same with Lava or Wolceram. With classic felspathic veneers a veneer cementing system must be used. relyx luting cement a glassionomer that has been modified with resin -to add strength and lessen the sensitivity that was associated with pure GI . should not be confused with relyx unicem a resin cement that is self etching and does not require a seperate ethch and vond step but is Not a glass ionomer.

    2. Alejandro Berg says:

      If you are going to cement full ceramic crowns made of Zirconia or even Alumina, you are ok to go with rely x luting, I would not use this for veneers or partial restorations like inlays or onlays, go with a composite resin cement (variolink II or Ultr Bond are my choices), Best of Luck

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