SafeSiders Relieved Reamers : What Are Your Impressions?

Anon asks:

SafeSidersI have been reading about the SafeSiders — relieved reamers produced by Essential Dental Systems. I have seen a lot of trafficking on the internet study clubs about how useful these relieved reamers are. The system they teach is to use stainless steel relieved reamers to open up the canal and then to refine the canal preparation with nickel titanium files. The relieved reamer is supposed to be flexible and strong.

The only time the nickel titanium files are used is to finish off the prep. I have never like using the rotary NiTi files. I think they remove too much tooth in the coronal and middle sections and not enough in the apical third, especially the canal terminus. What are your impressions of using these SafeSiders? Have they been helpful?

One thought on “SafeSiders Relieved Reamers : What Are Your Impressions?

  1. I have been using Dr Musicant’s technique for the past 6 years with excellent results. I have never used his SafeSider stainless steel files but do use his NiTi orange and brown files. These, along with a #2 Peezo reamer give great access to the apex and a good seal is accomplished with the EZ Fill cement and a single gutta percha point that is trimmed (usually 1mm of the point is removed to achieve apical tugback at the working length).

    I strongly suggest you take a course with Dr Musicant and even consider looking over his shoulder at his office if you are uncomfortable with this technique.

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