SimPlant Crystal 3-D Implant Training Tool

SimPlant® Crystal, is the latest software version of Materialise Dental’s highly-acclaimed SimPlant® software.

SimPlant® offers you a fully integrated dental implant treatment planning tool that visualizes your patient’s anatomy with unparalleled precision – in 3D. As a SimPlant® user, you will have no problem with finding the ideal position of the implants, while taking into account both clinical and esthetical considerations.

Instant Insights and Crystal Clear Images

When it comes to diagnostics and treatment planning, you need images of unrivaled clarity to work with. In comes SimPlant® Crystal – providing you with crystal clear images from CT and cone beam scanners. You’ve never seen images this bright and clear in your life!

Collaborate 24/7 with Imaging Centers and Partners
SimPlant® Crystal links to DentalPlanit®, a brand new website where you can collaborate with various imaging centers in your patient’s neighborhood and other partners to quick start your case planning. At just the click of a button, DentalPlanit® delivers patient images and treatment cases 24/7 and straight onto your computer. Now that’s what we call sharp insights in the twinkling of an eye!

Easy-to-Use and Universally Compatible

SimPlant® Crystal is easy to work with, it’s even compatible with all CT scanners, cone beam scanners and implant brands on the market. And multiple SurgiGuide® drill guide solutions provide a more time and cost-efficient way to realize esthetic perfection.

A Must Have For Your Practice
SimPlant® Crystal helps you work more efficiently and expand your business! Wherever you are, and whenever you want to work on your patient’s case, SimPlant® Crystal simply suits your way of working. SimPlant® Crystal is all about giving you maximum freedom, flexibility and fast service – round-the-clock and all the way through.

“The beauty of SimPlant® is that you have a fundamentally simple tool which will guide you step by step during your implant planning. As such, you can comprehensively plan a case with ease and confidence. This tool can further be used to communicate with your patients in a way that they understand what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.”
(Michael Norton, DDS)

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  1. A lot of our Oral Surgery clients are SimPlant faithful. I am impressed that it works just as with with the iCat 3D as it does with Kodak Cone Beam equipment. The 24/7 collaboration tools looks nice too.

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