Snap On Smile to Increase Vertical Dimension?

Dr. O. asks:

snap-on-smile_teeth.jpgSnap-On Smile has really created quite a stir. I still have not done any but I took the course and continue to follow the progress in the dental magazines. One use proposed for Snap-On Smile is to open the bite – increase the vertical dimension. I thought these were only for cosmetics? Not for use in actual function. I do not see how these can be used to open the bite. They are relatively fragile. You cannot control the occlusal dimensions of the appliance. So how is this supposed to work? Has anybody tried to use Snap-On Smile to increase the bite? Also, is it true that a dental lab has to be licensed to fabricate these and that only a few labs are licensed for this?

Editor’s Note:

According to the Snap-On Smile: “Snap-On Smile is a patented multi-purpose restorative dental appliance that involves no drills, no cutting down of existing tooth structure, no needles, and it’s removable. It’s non-invasive, meaning it is also reversible. They fit directly over existing teeth and can be applied to a variety of situations. It’s made with a specialized resin which allows the appliance to be made as thin as .5mm without compromising strength. Its simple patent design allows a patient to eat without any impingement into the gums.”

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  1. I could not understand how the vertical is increased either.
    I also am very interested in how the occlusion is managed because in opening verticals it almost seems that this is critical.
    Will these withstand anterior guidance issues.

  2. I’d ditto the vertical dimension questions, adding it’s use as a ‘high compliance’ orthotic.
    So many of the extensive wear, dramatically tramatized occlussions need pre-permanent stabilization. With conventional orthotics we are doing well to receive compliance just during sleep.
    I often bond ‘pads’ to act as both ‘trial” vertical dimension and as orthotic.
    Is ‘snap-on’ durable/stable enough to do both, and may we ‘bond’ occlussal/esthetic changes onto it with conventional materials???

  3. Can someone show long term wear studies? As a lab owner I certainly would be reluctant to invest in a fad.

  4. As a patient with a high narrow overbite ….I would love to try this! I have sarcoidisis and make a huge amount of adrenalin that prevents any type of “serious work”. I am 60 years old and have only lost one front tooth in an a diving accident and would ove to improve my smile …especially the vertical!

  5. In our offices, we have used the Snap On Smile as a removable orthotic for a couple of years. They work quite well for opening bites and establishing a better vertical dimension. Since they wear the orthotic at all times except for during home care, the durablility is important. We have had very few failures. They can be made for just a single arch or both arches.
    The key is to develop the new vertical dimension from a reproducable neuromuscular/ functional starting point and anticipate an initial equilibration and several minor occlusal adjustments to find a final resting place. (We begin with the Myotronics K-7 device.) This deprogramming & retraining generally takes 4-6 months, sometimes more.Technology helps find that increased vertical more quickly than other techniques, but we find that phonetics, facial aesthetics, neuromuscular jaw tracking, TMJ/condylar position and other factors all point in the same direction. (When they say, “Ummmmmm” the positon is close!) When all the muscles & nerves are comfortable, occlusal stresses are greatly reduced, minimizing breakage of orthotics, Snap Ons, crowns, veneers and Natural Teeth.
    Some patients will remain in an orthotic of some type “forever”, others can be weaned-off, many of ours will elect full-mouth or full-arch restoration.
    Lastly (sorry about the length), we often use our full-mouth provisionals for that “dial-in” period instead of a Snap On Smile. The final vertical dimension and occlusal design need to be reproduced in the “permanent” restorations if you go that route.
    I hope this helps.

  6. I used it for one case and it worked well… I consider it to be, and I’ve prescribed it as, a 1-2 year temporary… a ‘now’ solution for something the patient can’t afford to do the ‘long-term’ way. It provides both esthetics and function. I’m intending it to pave the way for the patient to replace it with porcelain on her teeth (veneers or crowns) and implants in the pontic areas… I expect that as the SnapOn shows its age, the patient will be motivated to have it replaced the ‘long-term’ way. We’ll see if it turns out that way. FYI, the fee was approximately what I’d charge for a standard removable partial… insurance was not involved.

    BTW, they say it is not amenable to bonded additions… it isn’t bis-GMA resin…but I did improve the gingival seal/retention by using bonding resin and flowable composite internally around gingival margins, as needed.

    I still consider SnapOn as one of the patient’s options when they either want a lot of change quickly or when I feel they’ll be motivated by experiencing a significant improvement now and need time to save up for what they actually need… I consider it a ‘trial makeover’. (I like Tad’s phrase “pre-permanent stabilization”)

  7. Is this good for ladies? Does this appliance look next to natural like porcelain or zirconia crowns? I have zirconia bridge fixed for upper jaw & cannot decide what to do for lower jaw. Only gap is created (equal to one tooth or 2) in between 2 central incisors which is to be eliminated. As it is said “Pre-permanent stabilization”, I am considering to try it out. It must be better than partial denture of few teeth. This will give uniformity of the teeth shape & color.

    I do not know which dentist is practicing this in London so that I can visit him to view it. Name of the clinic, address, phone No. & email address.

    Mrs. Poonam

  8. Mrs. Poonam, the aesthetics are quite good: Surface is highly polished & smooth, shapes acn be made “ideal” or nearly so, several shades or colors are available. They don’t have as much translucency as porcelain, but that is less important on lowers anyway. Normally they are made for an entire upper or lower arch and can fill many of the spaces between teeth. Most people find them more comfortable than a partial denture because they only cover the teeth and down to the gumline, not across the palate at all. Because they will be thicker than natural teeth (the extra thickness of the material on both cheek and on tongue side) speech may be altered, but most people adapt. Most of our patients have been very pleased with the appearance, but we use them priamarily as a theraputic & diagnostic appliance, so they are usually more interested in the improvement in their pain. The good looks are just a benefit.
    Some dentists market the Snap On Smile primarily as a partial denture replacement emphasizing aesthetics and comfort.

  9. I invented the Overlay Cosmetic Appliance that you can eat with and wear all the time. I’ve been wearing my appliance that restored the vertical with metal onlays for six ears and the appliance makes me look ten ears younger. I remove the appliance twice a day for brushing and since I started wearing it, I had no cavities or gum related issues. However, after dental manufacturers refused to assist me in producing equipment to simplify production and I was unable to find dental technicians to help me construct the appliances, I decided to walk away from the dental industry and write a book. In my opinion, the plastic snap-ons are a joke.

  10. After my Overlay Cosmetic Appliance the media called snap on teeth was aired on NBC news stations in 2004, (Video URL: soon after everyone wanted to cash in by presenting the plastic ones that have been around for thirty years and mostly used in movies to create various characters. Robin William’s appliance in the movie Ms Doubtfire broke several times during filming, (or so I hear}. The reporters who reported the story on the plastic snap-ons did it without any investigating. Their actions caused many patients to be scammed out of their hard earned money. The following are comments from patients that got ripped off:

    “I went to NYC and wasted $1500 for a lower piece that looks like a toy for Halloween. I had to pay up front and when I picked them up and had them placed in my mouth, the whole office staff raved how real and beautiful they looked. The more I looked at them, the more I hated them. It also hurt. When I removed them, I though my teeth were going to fall out. I called the next day and wanted my money back. I couldn’t handle how FAKE they looked and my family and friends agreed. When I went to the office, the Dr. was a jerk and everyone was so different. How dare he sell a piece of plastic toy for $1500. To make this miserable story short, he refunded $500 and I had to sign a paper. I hope he gets caught and exposed real soon. I won’t say his name, but since there are only a couple of them using the same appliance and story, I would hope they all meet with law suits soon. I work hard for my money and I feel I have been robed and he got away with it and continues to do so

    “Hi Guys I live here in New York and was very interested in the snap-ons until I went to see Dr “I will not go back to again”. 1st of all they told me that the consultation visit was free. But when they told me that it will cost me 2,700 for the upper and lower and I will have to pay up front, no refunds, I didn’t want them. They charged me $100.00 for the 2 minutes of consultation.”

    “These are a complete joke. Don’t waste your time or your money unless you want to look like a circus freak. I’ll be lucky if I get back even half of my bill. I called the dentist 4 hours after leaving because granted the time I allowed to get used to it, I still hate them every time I look at them. I had to take them out. Point in case: Snap on teeth are just that; Snap-On teeth. So if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

    “They look like a big hunk of white plastic stuck to your mouth.”
    “They are not worth the money, I wasted mine. And I am angry.”
    “I heard that they could make it look like any celebrity’s teeth (or maybe that was something else) Well, I live near New York, and I heard that “Snap on teeth” actually look like “Snap on teeth”. And after seeing them, I was really disappointed.”

    Back to where I left off:
    After my breakthrough was broadcasted on the NBC news stations in 2004, (Video URL: it quickly gained popularity. However, after dental manufacturers refused to assist me in producing equipment to simplify production (my invented appliance would cut into the big profits made on crowns and veneers), and I was unable to find dental technicians to help me construct the appliances, (most capable partial denture dental technicians already left the dental industry), I decided to walk away from the dental industry and present my story in a book.

  11. I’m extremely interested in the procedure “snap on teeth” I’ve called numerous dentists that had no idea what I’m talking about. Finally I found a Dr. that is familiar with the procedure. Am I wasting my time and money? My teeth are in terrible condition and I thought this could be a good fixeruper for not to much money. Please let me know as soon as you can.

    Thank you,

  12. As I previously explained, “removable partials are being forced into extinction by a few greedy individuals in the dental industry. For the past 20 years, I have worked hard to prevent this quickly approaching disaster by publishing suggestions, contacting dental and government organizations, and asking private corporations for assistance. Unfortunately, I have failed. The dental industry does not care and the public will not take the initiative to help themselves.”
    Can anyone tell me why people don’t want to help themselves? Personally, my family and I can afford the best dental care and always go to the best and most caring dentists. Since I’m no longer in the dental industry, I have nothing to gain by exposing the truth. However, this is my last attempt. The only support I received so far has been from a Denturist, Gary W. Vollan L.D in U.S. News & World Report discussion forum. When I attempted to expose the truth in an on line dental journal, I also temporarily received support from a handful of caring dentists and other dental professionals. Unfortunately, that did not last long. Everyone who supported me, including myself, was immediately ridiculed by a handful of obnoxious dentists and crown and bridge technicians forcing us to disassociate ourselves from the online publication. During my short association with the publication, my computer was hacked into, web sites were set up under Arvid Saunaitis containing viruses, received someone else’s death life insurance policy with my name typed over theirs, and an invitation to fictitious seminar which was supposed to explain how loose lips sink ships and why I should be aware of intruders. I could continue, but I think you get the point.
    Former dental technician
    Arvid Saunaitis

  13. i really just want to know if i am wasting my money and time, i have already orderes them, but after reading all of the responses i am very afraid of what the outcome will be. i have numerous spaces in my teeth and all i want to do is smile one time! please tell me!


  14. Arvid,
    Your frustration and anger are obvious… what is not obvious is what you invented… I watched the video from NBC News and I have some idea of what it entails, but appears as if it is a metal framed removable prosthesis for which I’m guessing that the lab bill would be quite high because it looks so labor intensive (I’m guessing at least a few hundred dollars above a standard /P ).

    Am I mistaken?


  15. Persephanie, you say you want to smile one time. Are you dying?
    Try this dentist. he invented them. Marc Mordecai Liechtung Profession: Dentist; Lic. No. 040754; Cal. No. 14494
    Regents Action Date: December 16, 1994
    Action: Censure and Reprimand, $2,500 fine.
    Summary: Licensee did not contest charges of submitting an insurance claim form for payment indicating that porcelain with gold crowns had been placed on four teeth of a patient when only porcelain laminates had been placed on the teeth.

  16. I came back to dentistry after being out 25 years and am very disappointed. The young dentists are money hungry and have no ethics nor do they care. They’re all about money. Forexample: Having a yogurt or mashed potatoes for dinner on your wedding night as was recommended in the New York Daily News as the only foods you can eat while wearing the appliance, can present an embarrassing situation. In addition, since the teeth that cover the originals must be larger than what the patient has may present a dilemma when you choose the “Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, or Jessica Simpson smile” and your teeth are of the same size or are slightly larger. To complicate the situation further, this type of appliance will only work for patients who do not have many curvatures on their teeth. As in Jennifer Vasquez case, she already had nice looking teeth with the exception of discoloration. A simple bleaching would have served her and her pocket book much better.

  17. This is an excerpt from New York Daily News – “You can grin like a star!” Thursday, March 24th, 2005- BY TANYANIKA SAMUELS, DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER –
    “Golub-Evans, who first started making prosthetic teeth for theatrical performances, has been fitting his patients with perfect pearly whites for about two years now.
    Manhattan dentist Marc Liechtung is another of the few dentists nationwide who offer the prosthetics, which cost $1,000 to $1,500 per set. He has been fitting his patients with the snap-on teeth for about three months.”
    I don’t get it. If Dr. Liechtung claims that he is the inventor of the snap on teeth and Dr. Evans says he has been making them almost two years before Dr. Liechtung , how is this possible? Can someone connect the dots?

  18. video
    Along with picking out the perfect wedding gown, bride to be, Jennifer Vasquez, also wants the perfect smile on her wedding day. Jennifer saved herself considerable time and money by opting for snap-on teeth. Dentist Dr. Marc Liechtung makes a dental impression of existing teeth in order to create a customized prosthetic model that actually snaps onto the back teeth, the molars. The patients’ posterior molars are used as an anchor for the snap-on teeth through the use of concealed hooks that attach onto the remaining teeth. (There are no hooks with his resin appliance) Like dentures, snap-on teeth are removable. But dentures only replace the missing teeth and the appearance of the remaining teeth remains unchanged. (If the remaining teeth remain the same, why pay for the snap on smile?) Jennifer has been adjusting to her snap-on teeth.
    “With my snap-on teeth I’m able to talk very easily, and I sometimes eat with them. Sometimes it’s a little tricky because you have to relearn how to place your tongue when you’re speaking.” (Is that speaking while you eat?)

  19. After my statement I was corrected, and rightly so. Dr. Marc Liechtung’s statement said “Like dentures, snap-on teeth are removable. But dentures only replace the missing teeth and the appearance of the remaining teeth remains unchanged.” I said “(If the remaining teeth remain the same, why pay for the snap on smile?) How dumb of me, there are no remaining teeth when you’re wearing a denture.

  20. This was posted by me on 12/23/2005 on this website- Celebrity Smiles
    You can grin like a star!
    Golub-Evans, who first started making prosthetic teeth for theatrical performances, has been fitting his patients with perfect pearly whites for about two years now. Manhattan dentist Marc Liechtung is another of the few dentists nationwide who offer the prosthetics, which cost $1,000 to $1,500 per set. He has been fitting his patients with the snap-on teeth for about three months. Since Dr. Liechtung claims to be the inventor, how is it possible for Dr. Golub-Evans to have made them two years before Dr. Liechtung?, offers the upper arch, starting at $1,500. Dr. Marc Leichtung, another Manhattan-based cosmetic dentist, offers upper and lower arches starting at $1,275 each. Leichtung also promises his product, dubbed the “Snap-On Smile,” can chew through the toughest foods, while the “Red Carpet Smile” can only withstand soft foods.
    NY, Daily News- Wearers can eat with them, but it is recommended that they eat only softer foods, like yogurt or mashed potatoes. SO CAN THEY EAT THE TOUGHEST FOODS?
    Posted by: Mike at December 23, 2005 8:41 PM

  21. Have a look at this website- Snap-on-smile will make your smile more beautiful
    “Snap-on-smile’ is a set of teeth designed to fix over the stained, crooked and unattractive teeth. This new technique developed in America has placed an option before you to get the celebrity smile of your choice. This simple procedure costs you £950 for one set of teeth – upper or lower or £1,500 for both. This set of teeth can be placed over any type of your teeth and removed if you wish so. The set will be made in the laboratory in California, according the impression of patient’s mouth. This plastic overlay with half millimeter thick fits tightly over your teeth. The set of these teeth even lets you eat while wearing them. The normal wear of Snap-on-smile will last 3-5 years.”

    As Distinctive stated earlier, Jennifer Vasquez in the picture above already had nice looking teeth with the exception of discoloration. A simple bleaching would have served her and her pocket book much better. “This plastic overlay with half millimeter thick fits tightly over your teeth. The set of these teeth even lets you eat while wearing them. The normal wear of Snap-on-smile will last 3-5 years.” – What a joke. Anyone in the dental profession will tell you that plastic half a millimeter in thickness can easily fracture while eating baby food. Has dentistry stooped so low to sell a product or is it that no one knows what they are talking about.

  22. Snap on, snap off — celebrity choppers
    By Olivia Barker, USA TODAY
    Posted 3/21/2005 10:20 PM
    Manhattan dentist Marc Liechtung recently saw an up-and-coming rapper. “He can’t even face people to sign a record contract,” Liechtung says. “His teeth were that bad.”
    Arvid Saunaitis, a former dental technician, started wearing his self-designed smile 1½ years ago to disguise his discolored and slightly worn teeth.

    Snap on teeth
    Aug. 16, 2004: A new dental invention instantly transforms old-looking teeth into a movie-star smile. WMAQ-TV Nesita Kwan reports.
    How come the other media didn’t broadcast this appliance until 2005?

  23. John, you raised an interesting question. “Did dentistry stoop so low to sell a product or is it that no one knows what they are talking about?” I think the answer lies in an E-mail I received from a friend who is a dentist:
    Lies, Myths, and Fairytales told in Dentistry
    Myth #1. All you have to be is a good dentist and patients will flood your office.
    Reality: The public doesn’t know the difference between a good and a bad dentist.
    Good Dentists are usually to busy helping patients and don’t spend enough time to promote their dental practices. Bad dentists know how to attract unsuspected patients and later talk them into procedures they don’t need.
    Myth #2: Advertising and Marketing is unprofessional.
    Reality: Advertising and marketing is the best way to educate the public on what they needs and to sell them what they don’t need.
    Myth #3: We are in a Recession.
    Reality: While The New York Times and CNN is brain washing everyone about the doom and gloom of our economy, those who know how to take advantage of the situation also know how to profit from it. I believe that while some dentists are using this philosophy to promote business, other dentists use it to “clean patients”. The term clean is a term thieves use on the streets in Russia to rob unsuspected tourists.

  24. Bill, I have the answer to your question “How come the other media didn’t broadcast this appliance until 2005?” They have. I found it on this website, Snap on Teeth – Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community. There you’ll find a quote from URL From 11/26/2004
    Today marks the beginning of Christmas shopping season, and — surprisingly — a lot of people will be in the market for false teeth. Dentists who make the relatively-new Snap on Teeth are expecting to have patients chomping at the bit to get them for the holidays.

    Manhattan dentist Marc Liechtung is one of the few doctors who make Snap on Teeth and says the typical customer uses the clip-on choppers to hide nasty, stained or worn-down-to-the-nub teeth.

    Unlike a full plate of dentures, you don’t have to get your real teeth pulled in order to make room for the snap ons, which fit over the teeth.

    Dr. Liechtung makes a dental impression of existing teeth to create a prosthetic model that snaps onto the back teeth and can be removed at any time.

    He says the $3000 process is easier and more economical than the other tooth-covering option — getting a full mouth of veneers for about $30,000.

    Then there is a recent response, by Distinctive:
    If you have to get your teeth pulled, your teeth are probably in bad shape and putting snap on teeth over them can cause infections or other problems. Also, since the snap on teeth can brake while eating baby food, it doesn’t make sense to place them over decaying teeth unless you are on a liquid diet. If your teeth are that bad, you’re better off going to a good dentist, saving the teeth that can be saved and getting a partial denture that you can use for looks and function.

  25. I have been a dental hygienist for 20+ years and I will tell you that I have seen the Snap on Smile appliance transform patient’s lives. Is it the ultimate treatment? In most cases, no. The permanent work would be the optimum.

    However, when a patient has financial issues and has to chose between proceeding with upwards of a $5,000 restorative case or doing nothing, this is a beautiful and more affordable option. The appliance actually helps the patient move forward with the final restorative case because when they see how great their smile can look, they want it to be permanent.

    There are also people who are medically compromised who have benefitted greatly from this, as well as severely dental phobic patients who refused all previous recommended treatment because they went into a sweat at the thought of having an injection.

    It is NOT recommended for severely periodontally involved patients and no ethical dentist would place this over decayed teeth. If disease is involved, that needs to be addressed first.

    It’s sort of like a padded bra. It enhances your appearance, but if you’re sagging underneath, it isn’t going to correct that, yet is isn’t going to hurt it either (but you still have to shower!). It makes you feel better, more confident when you think you look good. It is a short or long-term temporary cosmetic fix. And most importantly, it makes the patient wearing it happy.

    Instead of knocking something you really don’t know anything about first hand, go to the source instead of making comments based solely on your opinion or someone else’s opinion that you’ve read. There are a lot of people out there ready to drag a good idea or product down because of their ignorance. Talk to people in the profession who are using it and find out from them the facts.

    I’m sure they will be at the Greater NY Dental meeting in Nov. Go to their booth and check it out for yourself.

  26. I wonder what can we do about this because is just not fair that he continues to do this. iIam seriously thinking about calling a TV news and accuse him of ripping people off! he won’t give anybody their money back and is not fair!

  27. I wonder whether there will be something beyond Snap on Smile in the future. Something other than 10’s of thousands of dollars for full mouth restoration. Why couldn’t something along the line of a snap on smile that is bonded permenatly to the teeth, such that all spaces would be filled in so no rotting food could get stuck.

  28. I have the Snap on Smile and it is the ugliest, most worthless piece of crap that I have ever seen! They cost me $1,500! And they are practically Halloween teeth, they are plastic! They hurt, you can’t speak or eat! I want my money back!!!

  29. Metal based partial dentures are about to become extinct

    Compared with other technologies that have been replaced with new innovations, partial dentures or removable bridges will soon become a thing of the past because the knowledge to construct them will no longer exist. Unlike the need for full dentures, which has been reduced by preventive dentistry, the demand for partial dentures is on the rise.

    The reason that people lose their teeth is not always neglect. Accidents, sports injuries, genetics, prosthesis work done by cheap, less-than-quality laboratories are some of the other reasons. An improperly designed partial that fails to take in the biophysics of the oral cavity can be as damaging.

    Unlike a fixed bridge that requires the reduction of healthy teeth and the stress that is put on them to absorb the shock of the entire bridge span during mastication, a partial denture shares the shock with the edentulous ridge and the teeth clasped. By relining the partial every year and a half to two years, the partial can last decades and cost only a fraction of a bridge. Also unlike a cemented bridge, if another tooth is lost in the future, a denture tooth can be easily added to the same partial.

    Since the exacting construction of partials involves some very complex procedures, achieving desired results requires expertise. Unfortunately each procedure is usually handled by a technician familiar with only one phase of the construction process. The technician that oversees the entire process from start to finish is the department head of the partial department or the laboratory owner. For a technician to reach that level of expertise requires talent, dedication, and a minimum of five working years under the supervision of an experienced technician. Unfortunately, most of such experienced technicians, such as me, have already left the dental industry. The few dental technology schools in the United States that still remain open no longer teach partial denture construction. Before the handful of talent disappears completely, the knowledge they possess must be passed on to the next generation of technicians.

    Various dental, government, and outside organizations must take immediate action if this technology is to survive. I have authored several articles in dental magazines and newspapers calling attention to this problem. The only response generated so far has been from the general public. No one else seems to care.

    The dental manufacturers I contacted demonstrated little concern, the officials from the ADA told me that I’m being a pain and asked me to leave them alone. When I attempted to expose the truth in an on line dental journal, I immediately became a target of a few obnoxious dentists and crown and bridge technicians. By eliminating partials all together, they hope to force people to spend money on implants, crowns and bridges, dental work that only the rich can afford.

    Arvid Saunaitis
    Former certified dental technician – laboratory owner

  30. I would love it if a dentist would fix me a set of these teeth and let me write up a report on them. (It would also be an answer to a prayer.) I am many missing teeth and it isnt from not taking care of them and very short gums. I would give anything to have some nice teeth, but cant afford them. Thank you, Sandra Richardson

  31. I just got a set of these last week. I love them. I spent almost 4 grand total, it was almost 1500 dollars for each, upper and lower.
    Yes, you do have to get used to a mass of stuff in your mouth, but it’s really not that bad. I have bitten my cheek and it bothered me more.
    No, it doesn’t look any more fake than a bleaching job or having extensive work done. I’m sure if you chose the mega-white option then it may look a bit unrealistic.
    No, they are not plastic. I had to start small and mushy with the foods I ate with them in, but after about 3 days I was eating bbq and taco chips.
    Be involved in the process of them being made. Your dentist has to design the so ask to see before he ships it off to the lab. Do Not Settle.

    It’s also true that there is slight discomfort with them and you also have to relearn how talk with them in. However, that process is really a short amount of time (about a week or so).

    I love mine and hope some of you search for more facts before diving off the deep end.
    Good luck.

  32. i have been considering the snap-on-smile for a few months now, and plan on making an appointment with a local dentist who has these. the only question i have is, i already have 6 porcelain veneers on my upper teeth and was wondering if the snap ons can go over my veneers??

  33. my new snap on smile gives me Buck Teeth.My dentist will not give me a refund or remake them. He did not tell me that with my natural overbite this would be the result. They look fake too. I had such hopes! Now I’m out $2250.I worked so hard for this money. I should have been given more info.and there should be a model to try on or a computer program to simulate how we would look. I feel that I was ripped off.

  34. my new snap on smile gives me Buck Teeth.My dentist will not give me a refund or remake them. He did not tell me that with my natural overbite this would be the result. They look fake too. I had such hopes! Now I’m out $2250.I worked so hard for this money. I should have been given more info.and there should be a model to try on or a computer program to simulate how we would look. We should be satisfied with the results. If they don’t fit we should be able to return them for a refund.

  35. It’s just very funny that a close friend on mine was a rep/manager for snap on smile, which seems to be going down hill very fast. They recently fired the CEO, and most of their reps are out of a job, and the company is doing bad. They were selling their snap-on-smile for $459 to dentists (threw Schein, the dealer/supplier). The dentists would turn around and sell it for an average of $1500+. I also found out that their lab in NYC has only ‘one’ machine (not sure what kind of machine that is) to fabricate the restoration and they were outsourcing most of their cases to China (which is why the 2-3 week turn around time).
    Dental professional

  36. Hi, “just sayin’ “, Since you had such a good experience, who was ur dentist? And thanks for the advice on having realistic expectations.


  38. I’m thinking of getting a snap on smile and have been researching it for a couple days now. I find it very funny that the people that say negative things about snap on smile are the people that are selling similar products or “were” selling similar products before. Then there are some negative comments from made up accounts or fake people that don’t really exist. (So I’m to assume these are posted by the same mad people who’s products failed) However, I’ve contacted several REAL people that I have found online that actually have them and every single REAL person with an actual picture or video to prove who they are say they love them. And the pictures and videos all look great. I’m not talking about Advertising or anything from snaponsmile dot com. I’m talking everyday people who actually bought this product & have taken time out their day to post them online to share their results. So until I see somebody who ACTUALLY REALLY has them who says they dont like them, then I have no choice but to believe you guys are just lying about the product because you’re angry and bitter things didn’t turn out right for you. This lady says how “MAD” she is about them looking like horse teeth and this and that and she wants to sue and is putting all this EFFORT into getting her money back, HOWEVER, she hasnt taken 5 seconds to take a picture of them in her mouth to PROVE they look bad? That doesnt even make sense.
    I cant say this is a good product. All I can say is anybody looking to get this needs to do their OWN Research and not believe things that angry, unsuccessful people post on blogs because they are jealous.

  39. I got a Snap on Smile in NYC five years ago. I have worn the piece every day since and could not be happier. There are no limitations – I can eat anything I want, my speech is not affected, and I even sleep while wearing it sometimes.

    I was very involved in the design, though. Before my intial consultation, I went through magazines and cut out photos to show the dentist exactly what I wanted my teeth to look like. And the dentist (who is also the founder) asked all the right questions to make sure that I would be satisfied with the finished product…which I was. Immensely.

    They have far surpassed my expectations in aesthetics, durability, and comfort. Definitely worth the money.

  40. I’m so happy with it that to test it I put it in my dog’s mouth and the dog chewed a rawhide bone with it. My wife could not believe what difference it made to our dog’s appearance.
    Very satisfies customer

  41. I just saw the ad for Snap On Smile and was intrigued until finding and reading the comments on this site. I’m thankful for the frankness and honesty, for the sake of wisdom before investing in something like this.

    My teeth are gray due to tetracycline and have been for most of my life – since losing my baby teeth. It’s something I’ve lived with but have always been self-conscious about, covering my mouth when I smile or talk, etc. I was hoping to find a dental school that might offer to work on my teeth for very low cost, as the students learn but haven’t found any. Since veneers is considered cosmetic, it isn’t usually covered well in most insurance.

    I was hoping the Snap On Smile might be a viable alternative but am very hesitant, especially knowing the cost…the commercial said it was ‘affordable’ and ‘low cost.’ It’s all a matter of perspective, thought. That is not low-cost for me at all.

    Thanks for all the discussion on this topic.

  42. I just received my Snap On Smile three days ago. My natural teeth are not bad but they are stained and I have an uneven gum line. I was told that the Snap-On-Smile could correct these issues with their product.

    Their website gave me an option to enter my location to find a dentist near me that provided the services needed to obtain the product. The only one in my state was a three hour drive away from me each way.

    After waiting over a month for my Snap-On-Smile to arrive, both my dentist and I were appalled at the results. The teeth were so long and wide that I literally could not close my mouth or bring my lips together over the teeth. The back teeth were so thick that the front teeth did not and could not touch and I literally looked like I had ‘horse teeth. (A term I’m seeing used often from dissatisfied customers).

    When my dentist called Snap-On-Smile’s New York Office, he was told that the company had sold to the company that makes Lumineers and that they had forwarded my teeth molds to the new California lab which was the reason for the delay.

    My dentist tried to reduce the size of the smile and correct the bite to the best of his ability but there was no way to make these thick, long, poor-fitting teeth work. He gave me the useless Snap-On’s at no charge and stopped doing business with Snap-On-Smiles.

    I called Snap-On-Smiles to express my dissatisfaction and was told that my dentist must have used an illegitimate product because their products are not thick but rather as thin as a contact lens and they have NEVER had a complaint about them.

    This is ridiculous since my smile came in the Snap-On-Smile case and I saw the shipping box with the Snap-On-Smile label on it.

    In the last few days they’ve revamped their website and completely changed the process of purchasing this appliance. You now pay $49.00 up front and within seven to ten business days a rep will call to set you up a ‘fitting’ appointment with a participating dentist in your area. They offer a payment plan or you can pay in full up front for a reduced price of somewhere around 900.00 for one arch and about 500.00 for the second (top or bottom) arch.

    Although I like the concept of the Snap On Smile, the product I received was horrible in appearance, appeared to be made of plastic, and looked like something you would pay 4.99 for at a novelty store for Halloween.

    I would never recommend it to anyone.

  43. I received my Snap-ons in February and they have changed my life! I am so much more confident and smile often! I wear them ALWAYS, as people think I’ve got veneers or some other expensive work done. I have several missing teeth and a huge gap in my front teeth, but with the snap-ons, you cannot tell! I wore a partial for a long time and HATED it. It was so uncomfortable and metal showed on the sides. I eat with them (anything, even raw carrots,peanuts,steak,),
    sleep with them sometimes, and wouldn’t be caught without them! There is nothing covering the palate, so it is much easier to talk. In fact, they really didn’t effect my speech, except for a couple of words! Get them, you will not be disappointed! I’m buying another pair, in case of an emergency, and I lost one! Horrors! I paid total, for top and bottom, $1700.00.
    Worth every cent!

  44. Can someone true,, really tell me if i should get snapped–I have a wedding to go to in aug,,and need feed back and price,,Thanks..

  45. Save your money ! I didn’t even get 2 years out of it.The top one made me look like I had horse teeth and I never used it ,the bottom was worn but only lasted 20 months I paid $2400.00 and it was a waste of my money ! I see the company has changed hands,I can see why!

  46. i am 60 yrs old now.and until the past decade i’ve had nice enough teeth; age, wear and tear, root-canals completed by dentists who shouldn’t have, changed my teeth enough that it has changed my laugh. my laugh was always loud, hardy, raucus, and i laughed and smiled a lot. but now, with age, etc, i cover my mouth, and am so self conscious and uncomfortable showing my teeth.that i dont crack jokes nor laugh unbridled. no way can i afford the 2 estimates of 25k – 35k to bring my teeth up to optimum. that big 1k dental insurance max yearly payout doesn’t help much. i plan to locate a dentist who has adequate snap a smile experience, and ‘get ‘er done’. i will return to this forum at that time. wish me well….i miss that big happy laugh.

  47. I am also looking into this product, but feel very hesitant. I ordered the “secure smile teeth” and recieved them yesterday. They look ridiculous, way too big for my mouth, luckily I only paid about $25 for them-haha what could I expect at that price.
    Jeff in Seattle there is a product similar to this that is bonded to the teeth permenantly, called “Glam-smile” cost around $5000 Australian. Takes around 2 to 3 dentist appointments.
    But you will find there are many negative comments on the web about this product as well.
    I am lost and think it better to live with my ugly teeth until I can save the money to have them fixed properly.

  48. Just received my snap on smile appliance today. It does take some getting used to, both physically and aesthetically. I’m managing not to lisp now after several hours and have practice eating/ drinking. I just tried celery and I can chew it. My formerly grey tetracycline stained teeth were chipped & worn down badly. Such a shock to now suddenly see all white even teeth. Yes, they do NOT look perfectly “natural”. Strangers seem to react positively to my bright smile; my friends do know its not real- so its hard to deal with them staring at my mouth when I talk/ smile. Hopefully, this newness & shock will wear off for all of us. It is an affordable improvement for me.

  49. I have had the snap-on-smile for two years. I don’t leave home without them.

    I can chew anything from an apple to a banana with them in place. They look spectacular. They are comfortable and easy to clean.

    They are a great investment in your appearance.

    Grin and bare it.

  50. I have studied these teeth for a couple months now. As for how well they look? Your results will be determined by the talents of the dentist and the dental technician who makes them. Good luck finding that combination. The better Dentists won’t bother selling these. And those are the dentists who use the best dental labs. just call me an “industry insider”

  51. I have crowded and some of my teeth overlap. Will snap on smile work for me? If so, how could my teeth be improved?

  52. getting married 10-10-10; need front teeth set; bulimic for 14 yrs; 28 years old; broke front top left tooth; fake with silver lining! ha ha..

    is it worth it and time frame??? less than one month? Gainesvile, FL

    any opinion worthwhile email us

    need to know whether I can afford it and if it can be done in less than 28 days…


  53. Stacy….Try lumineers…just google and something will come up. They are like veneers in that they are bonded to your teeth but they require no filing of the tooth, they remain unchanged. You cannot take them off yourself, as in the snap on smile. They take two dentist visits, but can be expensive depending on how many you need. (They go over a single tooth, not the whole row of teeth) They are about $1000 per lumineer. I had a consultation done but it was too expensive for me.
    Also…. remember that you are going to be a beautiful bride no matter what. Happy Wedding 🙂

  54. I live in Papua New guinea, was born with weak teeth runs in the family on my fathers side. Growing up over time, I have three missing teeth and twelve filled in teeth, and alot more faults. I have suffered this for the 37yrs of my life, I saw a programme on an Australian TV cahnnel. I am able to fly to Australia to have my teeth problem resolved, please give me a list of licenced dental practices in Australia I may go too and the cost for snap-on-teeth.

  55. Is this a waste of money?
    I have gaps in my teeth and missing teeth and i cant afford veneers etc
    I will be buying these in OZ and they are $2500.
    Please advise….

  56. I got these from my dentist and I paid around $2500. They are both for cosmetic and to open the bite. I really like mine. I had bad teeth and this completely changed my smile.

  57. I tried snap on smile a couple years ago from a dentist that was actually advertising it in a local mall. At the time, $1200 for white teeth didn’t seem so bad and much cheaper then veneers. I was fitted and when I got the teeth, my front looked extremely buck. They told me it was supposed to look that way. Since I made a big deal, they claimed I would be getting my $1200 back but that never happened as they mysteriously went under “new management” and refused to give me my money and claim nothing was noted on my chart or record.

    I found myself learning how to talk and not being able to eat comfortably with them in. I also noticed that after wearing them for so long, that my real teeth were losing their color and deteriorating!

    Im sure they are great for some people. I loved smiling when I had them in. But I would not spend another dime on this product and their customer service is poor! When my mold broke, they claimed there was nothing that could be done to repair it and I would have to spend another grand for a new mold. We all know they dont cost that much to make! Very disappointed!

  58. I make my own veneers from false plastic finger nails for a few pennies each. I color them to match on the back side with permanent art markers and glue them in with super glue. By using skill and care, I file them into a believable shape and match the color carefully. They stay on well as long as I don’t make them longer than the teeth being covered. If they are too long they take too much pressure when biting down and can pop off. Also I cut my food with a knife and chew with my back teeth to prevent this. I have to carry super glue with me for quick replacement but this is rarely needed. Once you get the hang of it, you can make real looking ones that stay in for several weeks. Way to go if you need to save money. P.L.

  59. I am seriously considering snap on smile but after hearing that they attach to the back teeth I’m not sure if it is a good choice. I don’t have any of my back teeth anymore, just the front ones & a few on the side. I hate my smile and keep my mouth closed or barely open when I speak and forget laughing….totally out of the question. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions, thanks!

  60. I saw the ad today on tv but now I am torn. I lost my teeth to carbon monoxide poisoning. I ended up going to aspen dental to get dentures. I wanted to have them pulled because the med I am on for seizures ans heart were going to do damage to the gums so my doctors said that would be the best option. Well aspen talked me out of it told me that I had nothing to worry about and that the crowns would stay in. I had to take out a loan for about 5,000 so they can do them. Well now 3 years later all the front ones came out. They offered me a tube of fixadent and told me I would need to take out a loan for dentures. I don’t have that kind of credit anymore I told them. So now I have a huge gap and my ins won’t pay for dentures and the snap on smile looked like it would help but after reading I don’t know what to do. I dislike goingg out in public or opening my mouth. This summer since I was trying to get used to eating with no teeth I ended up in the hospital most of the summer.

    They referred me to someone who can pull the rest for the dentures but they won’t take my ins. Due to health reasons every dentist refers me there.

    I wish there was a better option….

  61. One thing most people don’t know is a full set of veneers in the United States cost maybe $10,000. But if you fly to Ukraine and maybe other places in Eastern Europe they’ll do the same exact procedure for $4,000 and maybe less. You can fly there and save half the money for the same procedure.

  62. When this whitening stuff came out the first procedure was actually painting your teeth. Supposedly it cost at that time $35 a tooth. Now if you could still ahve that done it might be cheaper. You could have ten teeth one the top and ten on the bottom done. It supposed to last two years. Maybe worth looking into. But I see problems with these snap ons. I mean if you were to hit your mouth. But it might be worth looking into all avenues.

  63. I am interested in the snap on smile myself…all comments were helpful…I don’t even want them to eat just to smile and wear out in public. And to PL…Using super glue on your teeth can damage your teeth and gums…to have it all removed and have something more permanent done would be beneficial…I have seen patients who chose even to reattach a dental veneer with super glue and it there was enough damage that we had to completely replace the veneer.

  64. I’ve had ten implants put in my mouth. I had a denture and now have a permanent over denture on the top. It will only come out once a year to have it checked. It looks beautiful.

    On my lowers, I have had three implants put in. I will eventually get permanent bridges for the left and right side. I only have seven teeth in the front. They are crooked and stained and do not match my new uppers.

    My dentist ordered the Snap On for me. I saw it the other day and we were both disappointed. They were huge, thick and looked like plastic. He’s sending it back for reworking. Even though it only consisted of nine teeth, it cost $1500.

    My dentist is wonderful and very ethical. He told me when they come back, if I don’t like it he won’t charge me.

  65. I have a partial for my 2 ft teeth but it does not fit anymore as my teeth have shifted and it hurts to wear it my ft teeth were removed 15 years ago because bone deteriationI also have a wisdom tooth loose for 3 years that the dentist says needs surgily removed . I am on blood thinners and my doctor says no teeth work unless emergency as I would have to go off my blood thinners and I take a really high dosage because i clot easily oterwise and since I had a clot the size of a quather 3 inches from my heart I really don’t want to go off the thinners. I am early retirment due to poor health so not a lot of money to spend and if I do get the money I want to know its actually a good product . I am also concerned because my bottom teeth on side has a brken bridge and the other side has a 30 year bridge and my bottom teeth are all uneven due to grinding my teeth when sleeping. I just to be known for my smile and bubbly personality now I won’t even talk to people or go except when I need grocerys. olease send me all the infro you can , thanks Pat Moody

  66. i have no wisdom and no molears im missing 4 top right side back teeth will i beable to get these or im i just waisting my money plz someone help me ty i want them for my wedding this summer and i want a white and perfect smile r snap ons made for me

  67. For the price, I would consider a similar option before investing this much. You can get an upper teeth cover very much so like this, currently being sold as a novelty item, but I know a few people who swear by it, one who has been using it for over a year and you wouldn’t even know he is wearing them!! If you go to ebay and search for secure smile you will find them on there. You will find a couple different ones, and one of them you should avoid but if you look up secure instant smile, I have found them as low as $12 but they average at $25. This is the same idea, I would do this first and then consider the more expensive option after you at least try something similar that won’t break the bank. One person got these almost two months ago, but also used the other ones on ebay and she said that there is a little difference, but she is glad she got the other ones first to know what to expect.

  68. I saw your ad and it got me wondering…I was ready to have all my teeth pulled and have dentures as I have a gap that just doesnt quit(altho all the guys say they dont notice…I do…),and alot of teeth in back of mouth that are missing…would this work for me?I am afraid to death of dentists and the drill…also…does insurance cover any of this if you have dental coverage?And just how much is your dentist hands on…I read the one comment about these being made in China…is that true?

  69. In my 60 years I’ve had 6 different dentists, of which 1 was supurb, 1 ok, 4 were lousy. To find a snap on smile dentist one must call the company, send them $49 for a referral, and they send the 3 offices closest to your zip code. I would have to send another $49 for another 3 referrals should the initial three turn out to be unacceptable,….and if history tells the story the odds are 1 to 6 of finding an excellent dentist. What a terrible system. So on my own I located a snap/smile dentist nearby and plan to research BBB, possible lawsuits, etc, prior to a visit. Since I live in an ultra-exclusive and expensive area, I am surprised to find anyone who performs any dental procedures that does not cost my left b*east! In this locale no-one could stay in business selling inferior products. No-one. I am calling in the a.m. to make an appointment re my own set of ‘snappers.’ My guess is I can obtain a phone# or two of patients w/snappers of their own to comment,..and for a nice discount, I will be one of ‘commenters’. If the cost is $3000 and the snappers need to be replaced every 3 years, that = $15K +/- over the next 15 years….. and then I’ll be deadums…and who cares. But it is still less than 30K for lumineers etc, and no grinding down. Yuk. And Then, I am checking on a LifeStyle Lift. What do ya think? Anyone have one of those yet?

  70. i ordered a set and they came with front teeth that were so rounded as to make taking a bite out of a sandwich impossible may be for cosmetics [ but there are cheaper better for that ] not good for eating normal meals. is there a class action suit planned

  71. Soon ( 1 -2 weeks) from now I will be having a procedure to replace all my upper teeth and having a denture overlay installed. I am told I will need about 4 socket type installations to hold the device. It will take about 3 months for the total procedure to be completed. The first part is total extraction of teeth then insertion of the sockets 1-4 weeks later. I will be given a removeable denture after first visit. Because the socket work is under the denture whe nthey are ready a device will be installed ( denture overlay ) it looks like teeth with no gums! They will be porclein with internal noble metal and custom made.
    I told the folks doing the work I expect and they agree my expectations are reasonable, we shall see how it goes. I will undate my experience here. Also..Currently I have a mouth full of crowns with many root canals, all of these will be removed I have no real teeth on my upper jaw other the bases with root canal’s all of these failed due to poor work by prior dental work ( not my opinion, this is the opinion of the three specilists doing my current work)
    They have documented and contacted prior dentists which offered to do some rework. I have asked my current dentists to document the percentage of damage done to present issues to past dentists to see if they would contribute to some of the costs. The total cost for the upper work is expected to be. $10,000 which I believe is very reasonable if I get the results I have been promised.

  72. Dear All

    I was introduced to Snap On smiles 2 1/2 years ago at a conference. The lady was in the Bathrroom rensing her mouth. she stated that she had snap on’s. I was impressed. Spoke with my Dentist and I have been wearing Snap On’s every since. I love them.

  73. I wanted to no if Snap-On Smile would work for me because I’m missing tooth 7 and 10 .I Spoke with my Dentist he had never hear of them before. After I asked him about them he looked on a wed sit an didn’t see any patent’s with missing teeth .So my dentist don’t thank snap-on smile would work for me .Can someone help me that has more experience with the snap-on smile ?

  74. Well naturally dentists come here and are upset that people like me who cannot spend 15k on their overpriced services have an alternative….but we do.

    It literally takes a rich person to have veneers or someone who is willing to take out their 401k or go into debt…let me tell you snap on is great. Just work with your dentist, careful about the color you choose and enjoy having beautiful teeth.

    I had a slight list for about one day….I can eat almost anything and I had two teeth missing in the back which snap on filled in so my cheeks look fuller and it’s like a mini face lift.

    I’m not kidding this was a life changer and it cost about 2 grand.

    Ppl who are ashamed to smile should have an should poor people.

  75. this is urgent if you, like me thought that the sos would be an answer to cover your teeth. I just paid $3,000 for snap on smile it is hideous and ugly. It looks and feels just like halloween vampire plastic teeth. do not spend your money on this. I went to a snap on dentist in Irving TX and he did not know what he was doing and was not at all competent to even advise me or show me what to expect. What a rip off!

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