SpectroShade Micro for Shade Selection: How Accurate?

SpectroShade MicroWe waste a lot of chair time trying in crowns and bridges and then returning them to the lab to have the shade corrected. This often entails stripping off and replacing the porcelain. We just don’t have it when it comes to taking a shade.

We are therefore excited by the SpectroShade Micro from Clon 3D, which supposedly provides one with the ability to accurately and consistently match shades of natural teeth to a comprehensive library of restorative materials and shade systems.

The system is calibrated to bounce LED-generated light beams off the teeth. The light beams are supposed to be comparable to natural light. The system selects shades for the cervical, body and incisal. This seems really efficient.

More specifically, according to the company:

“The patented SpectroShade system uses a digital camera connected to a LED spectrophotometer to recognize colors as they really are. The measured spectral data analyzed by the SpectroShade™ Micro is not influenced by the lighting in your studio or by any other environmental conditions affecting vision… The described system is so sophisticated that it measures spectrophotometric data and shows perfect color images using only a Black and White CCD. The internal computer analyzes over 2 million reference points every time an image is acquired, as well as driving all the functions of the instrument.”

You can learn more about SpectroShade Micro by visiting Clon 3D

Have any experience with this system? How accurate is it? Let us know.

5 thoughts on “SpectroShade Micro for Shade Selection: How Accurate?

  1. I bought the original SpectroShade and when it broke I was stuck with a useless piece of junk that cost me around $10,000. The American distributer went out of business and the distribution was given to a lab in Pennsylvania that did nothing to get the machine repaired. I do not know who these people are that are promoting the current machine but I will not get taken again. The Swiss company that manufactured the machine turned a deaf ear to our problems. Beware!!!!

  2. While the past distributors for this product were not able to get the licensing to repair it in the United States, Clon 3D DOES, in fact, have authorization to repair the SpectroShade Micro in the United States (Albuquerque, NM to be specific.) Not only that, we at Clon 3D currently offer a 1-year warranty on the product as well as a 30 day trial. I’m sorry that you had bad luck in the past, but we at Clon 3D are determined to take care of things correctly this time around. Mr. Marinbach, we can repair your Maxi for you as well!

  3. I have Vita easy shade. But, when verifing the shade of porcelain received from the lab 80 % of cases not matching. Is Spectroshade is different?

  4. Dr. Tarek,

    The Spectroshade is different. We have multiple labs using the SpectroShade and with proper quality control protocols in place, the dentist and the lab can do a side-by-side comparison of before/after images to verify that the shade matching is accurate.

  5. I am using Both MHT Spectroshade and Vita Easy Shade.
    Spectroshade gives so many details but it is effected from manipulation. You must be very experienced to use it and it takes time. But if you use right, you can have accurate details.
    Vita Easy Shade gives only one zone color. It does not give details. But it is very easy to use. It is not possible to make usage mistake.

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