Ultra-Etch: The Gold Standard for Phosphoric Acid Etchant?

I know this is not high-tech breaking news, but I saw an advertisement for Ultradent claims that their 35% phosphoric acid is the ‘Gold Standard’ for phosphoric acid etchant.

I consider phosphoric acid to be a very minor expense but a very important component of my resin bonding systems. I use mostly Total Etch bonding. Can there be any truth to their claim that their phosphoric acid etchant is the best? I would be quite happy to buy this product if their claim is true. What are your thoughts?

Editor’s Note:

According to Ultradent:
“Ultra-Etch viscous solution (35% phosphoric acid) has been specifically designed to render
an optimum level of viscosity. Ultra-Etch is self-limiting in its depth of etch (average depth
of 1.5┬Ám with 15 second etch). Ultra-Etch will flow into precise locations with the Inspiral
Brush or Blue Micro tip (even into occlusal grooves for sealant preparation). They are just
viscous enough to prevent migration caused by gravity and also maintain a thick enough
layer to prevent premature drying. These etchants contain no glycerin and are designed for
rapid and complete removal upon rinsing.

The ideal viscosity combined with the versatility of the Inspiral Brush tip or Blue Micro tip
allow placement of the etchant in any location, including lingual approaches to Class lll
restorations. Ultra-Etch works nicely for etching before bonding composites, sealants, or
bonding adhesives. The tips are disposable, helping to prevent cross-contamination”