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EZ Stent

EZ Stent thermoplastic surgical templates provide the easiest and most economical way to make accurate surgical guides in minutes using hot water alone! The template has a titanium drill sleeve with inner diameter 2.3mm that is compatible with the pilot drill of most dental implant systems. The EZ Stent kits are available in Single Tooth Sets (10 mm sleeve), Multiple Teeth Sets (6 mm sleeve) or 2-Unit Bridge Sets (6 mm sleeve). The Single Tooth Set is used more for the anterior region, while the Multiple Tooth Set provides templates for both the anterior and posterior regions, while also making it easier to join templates together for multiple implant placement. For example, if a patient is missing #1 and #7, one can join the single tooth and free-end templates in the Multiple Teeth set to create one guide for both missing teeth.

Watch EZ Stent Videos: Demonstration and Step-by-Step Case

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