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  1. Regular Price: $63.90

    Special Price $32.50

    PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) 4-0 Colorless/Undyed Suture, with FS2 (C6) Reverse Cutting Needle (19mm, 3/8 Circle). 30"(75cm). Sold 12 per box.
    Look Comparision: 422B
    Ethicon Comparison: J422H. Learn More
  2. DentoGen is an FDA-approved medical-grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate for bone regeneration in dental applications, including dental implants.

    Each Box of Dentogen includes: 2 patient kits (2 Grams of Calcium Sulfate)!  Each kit includes 1 gram of medical grade calcium sulfate hemihydrate, 5 ml regular set solution and 10 ml Fast set solution. Buy 3 or more Dentogen Boxes and save over 20%!

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  3. Regular Price: $41.50

    Special Price $25.49

    Chromic Gut Suture 4-0, with FS-2 (C6) Reverse Cutting Needle (19mm, 3/8 Circle). 18"(45cm). Sold 12 per box.
    Look Comparision: 558B. Learn More
  4. Regular Price: $130.00

    Special Price $94.99

    As low as: $85.50

    bioPlug is a standard collagen wound dressing plug made from Type I bovine collagen sourced from the Achilles tendon.
    • Sold in a Box of 10 Plugs. Only $9.99 per plug!
    • Size: 10mm X 20mm (3/8" X 3/4")
    • Comparable to Heliplug ® and Collaplug ® 1
    • For use in: Extraction Site Healing, Biopsy Sites and Wound Healing
    • Protect Wounds, Stabilize Clots, Aid in Wound Healing
    Learn More
  5. Penguin RFA Multipegs are used with the Penguin RFA instrument to measure implant stability. MulTipegs TM are reusable.

    • Available for different implant systems
    • Durable, tissue-friendly
    • Autoclavable

    To buy MulTipegs TM, simply choose the Implant company below, and then Choose the Implant system. If you do not see your implant manufacturer listed below, please contact us to check availability.

    Note: Some MulTipegs may take additional time to get delivered.
    Learn More
  6. Regular Price: $63.90

    Special Price $32.50

    PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) 4-0 Violet and Braided Suture, with FS2 (C6) Reverse Cutting Needle (19mm, 3/8 Circle). 18". Sold 12 per box. Comparable to Vicryl* and Polysorb ** Learn More
  7. Regular Price: $110.00

    Special Price $75.00

    The PTFE 4-0 suture with a 16 mm reverse cutting needle, 3/8 circle, is the most popular of the smaller 4-0 sutures, especially for dental implant and bone grafting procedures. Cytoplast Comparison: CS0618RC.

    • 16mm, 3/8 Circle - 18"(45cm)
    • 100% Medical Grade PTFE sutures . Undyed, Uncoated, Monofilament.
    • Eliminates bacterial wicking, 
    • Biologically inert and chemically non-reactive.
    • Excellent handling and knot security. Little or no package memory
    • Sold in Package of 12 sutures.
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  8. Effective irrigation during the creation of the implant site is essential for the success of the procedure. These disposable irrigation tubing sets (sold 10 sets per pack) were developed for the majority of Implant Motors (Physiodispensers) available on the market. 

    Each Disposable Set (10 Sets per Pack) Includes:

    • Perforator with air filter Roller to adjust the flow 
    • Integrated peristaltic pump section enables accurate flow and long duration of usage
    • Total length of the line, from peristaltic pump to handpiece, 230 cm.
    • End tip in soft PVC facilitates the connection to the hand piece.
    • Double Internal and External irrigation with Y joint
    • Each set for mechanical irrigation is packed in a sterile medical blister.
    • Roller to effectively regulate or stop the flow of solution.
    • A connector aim to prevent all possible leakage.
    • A tap (Only for REF. 32.F0139) to regulate liquid flow and ensure optimal control.

    Each pack contains 10 sets and each set is single use.

    Simply choose your motor below to get the matching tubing set for your system. 1 (Not sure which tubing to order, or don't see your motor listed, please refer to Motor Reference List for detailed list of supported motors)

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