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  1. Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $499.00

    The right angle implant torque wrench with precise torque measure makes it easy to access implant components in difficult to reach posterior areas. An excellent addition to your armamentarium!
    • Precise torque measure control (10Ncm - 40Ncm) with easy adjustment knob.
    • Finger tip rotation easily tightens or loosens prosthetic screws
    • Fits any handpiece-type implant driver.
    • Unbeatable price! (Compare to
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  2. Regular Price: $82.00

    Special Price $75.00

    The Kerator Magic Tool is used to remove, and insert the male in overdenture attachment systems. Compatible with Locator ® Attachment system.1. Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $114.99

    Special Price $104.99

    As low as: $94.99

    PeriAcryl high viscosity is a tissue adhesive dressing that is very useful in various dental surgical applications. It has proven efficacy over other cyanoacrylates. The 90HV formulation is designed to perform specifically in the oral cavity.

    PeriAcryl high viscosity Kit Includes: 5ml Of Adhesive, 50 Disposable Pipettes, Autoclavable Dappen Dishes.

    • Developed with Periodontists, HV is 9 times thicker than regular viscosity PeriAcryl 
    • Deep Violet Color Provides Visibility For Controlled Placement
    • Increased control for precision application and less waste
    • Same trusted set time and strength as PeriAcryl standard viscosity
    • User friendly delivery system and packaging
    • Two year shelf life
    • Purity And Lack Of Tissue Toxicity
    • Proprietary Packaging Prevents Deterioration In Bottle
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  4. Regular Price: $650.00

    Special Price $450.00

    The Sinus Lateral Approach Kit includes all the instruments you need to perform a safe effective sinus lift with the lateral approach. Scroll down to watch video.

    • Specially designed components to minimize risk and easily and safely lift the membrane in the lateral approach 
    • Unique, patented, Magentic Intelligence drills for the lateral approach!
    • Kit Contains: 4 Lateral Drills, including 2 Magentic reamer drills, a Diamond Drill, and a Remover (to help separate parts of the magnetic drills)
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  5. Regular Price: $999.00

    Special Price $749.00

    Tenting screw kit consisting of long length, specialized screws used for tenting during bone regeneration procedures. Big savings! See savings illustration below. For membrane fixation or bone fixation, please see our Titanium Membrane Fixation Screw Kit
    • Kit includes: 1 Drill 1.4mm, 2 Driver Shafts (one for handpiece), 1 Screwdriver Body, and 24 screws (6 of each length: 7,8,9,10 mm).
    • Easy pick-up, stable transfer to site, and quick engagement to bone.
    • 24 titanium Tenting Screws (Compare other kits with only 12 screws per kit)
    • Replacement Tenting Screws are $50 for a pack of 5 screws (Compare to other screws at $50 for only 1 )
    After you have the handle and kit, Tenting screws can be purchased separately.
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  6. Regular Price: $1,250.00

    Special Price $749.00

    Effectively secure membranes with the touch of a button with this Automatic Bone Tack kit. The unique handle drives titanium alloy tacks that stabilize the membrane. Watch video below.

    Kit includes:

    • Automatic Tack handle, and
    • 21 Tacks (4.5mm L, 2.5mm D)
    Important: This Automatic Bone Tack holder is only compatible with MCT Bone Tacks. It will not work with other bone tacks. Replacement Bone Tacks can be purchased separately. Only $40 for a pack of 5 Tacks!
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  7. Regular Price: $180.00

    Special Price $120.00

    As low as: $99.00

    ENDOSEAL MTA is a paste-type root canal sealer and filler that has excellent physical and biological properties. Setting time of under 13 minutes! No mixing!

    • Sold in 3g Syringe 1EA/1package
    • Fast setting time: under 13 minutes!
    • Premixed and pre-loaded in a syringe: No powder/liquid mixing required!
    • Outstanding flowability and maneuverability: completely fill the root canal system including accessory and lateral canals
    • Eugenol-free
    • Strong antibacterial effects
    • Promotion of hard tissue formation
    • No postoperative pain after overfilling
    • Complete apical sealing
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  8. Regular Price: $85.00

    Special Price $76.50

    Used for the collection of blood for A-PRF and I-PRF Learn More

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