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Dental Implant Systems

  1. ZERAMEX P6 ceramic implants are the only metal-free implants to function surgically and restoratively like traditional titanium implants. These high performance zirconia implants are two-piece, reversible screw-retained, and entirely metal-free.

    Adopting ceramic implants into your practice has never been easier: replicating the most well known design and compatible with the Straumann Surgical Kit.

    • Outstanding material strength and high connection strength with the new Vicarbo carbon fiber screw.
    • Natural Esthetics, Optimum Gingival Blood Flow, Minimizes peri-implantitis
    • Excellent osseointegration & Prosthetic Flexibility
    • Comparable surgical protocol as the Straumann® Standard Plus Implant.
    Introductory Offer starting from $395: Choose either of two starter packages.
    Option I: Surgical Kit + 5 Implants ($1,100 Value) OR
    Option II: 1 Implant + FREE Driver
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