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Raptos Syringe Instructions

Updated June 24, 2020

The Raptos syringe provides a graft mixture in a convenient syringe with a filter cap! As the handling is slightly different than what you maybe used to with a jar or vial, please be sure to watch the videos below.

As you will see in the 2nd video, it is very important to properly tap the syringe to loosen the powder before hydrating

Instructions Card

Raptos Instructions Card

Raptos Syringe Video: Instructions Overview

Raptos Syringe Video: Unpacking and Preparing the Graft

Raptos syringe now comes in two formulations: Raptos Mineralized Cortical-Cancellous Graft in Syringe or Raptos Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized Blend in Syringe

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