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Questions for the Choukroun Soft Brushing Kit

With the Soft Brushing Kit, from Dr Joseph Choukroun, you can extend the flap without periosteal incision, up to 3cm.

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    Thanks for the question. Here is a review of the brushing technique with a photo, that may help. The brushing is done after a full thickness flap elevation. The brushing can only be used after a full thickness flap has been elevated. The flap should be as deep as possible. Pull the flap up and downward with forceps and start brushing with the small size (regular or angulated for a posterior area). The movement is very precise. The brush is applied against the periosteum and a circular motion is used to displace the fibers.

    As for the suturing technique, even if the soft tissue is released, the sutures have to be placed always as an apical mattress to be sure that mobility is completely avoided, without any tension. Yes, in 100% of cases shown, the apical mattress is the solution.. to close the flaps.

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