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OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug

OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug

Product Review (submitted on October 28, 2015):
"I had wondered for years why someone hadn’t made a collage plug type graft which could be placed like a collagen plug but act like a graft, going so far as to try and make my own “stuffy” with graft material placed inside a mostly hollowed out collagen plug. Finally Impladent did it with the Osteogen Plug. I have successfully grafted intact extraction sockets as well as three wall defects with this product. In addition to the ease of use of the product, there is a built in indicator in the material which gives you a good idea of when the area is ready to be implanted. While the material is initially radiolucent upon placement, three to four months later the area will appear opaque on a radiograph. I usually give the area a total of 5 tom6 months for full maturation. For $50 per plug it’s a no brainer in my opinion."

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