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Bond Apatite: Bone Graft Cement

Bond Apatite: Bone Graft Cement

Product Review (submitted on June 25, 2017):
I would like to share with you my experience with new bone graft cement called Bond Apatite. I started using this product six months ago and now I am getting my first results. As with any new material, I used Bond Apatite in the beginning with small number of cases: four cases of lateral augmentations in different levels. In all of them I had great success, clinically and radiographically. However, one of the cases even surprised me.

The case involved placed implant in the inferior molar area 36 with large deficiency of the buccal plate, which required bone grafting and augmentation procedure. After placing the implant and decortication of the bone I augmented with Bond Apatite .Since this case involved just a single implant and the quantity of the material’s syringe is 1 cc (there is still no smaller packaging), excess material was left in place. I removed some excess and with the rest I covered the ridge and the head of the implant. In this particular case I didn’t use a membrane, however I closed passively and hermetically the soft tissue. Reentry and implant exposure was preformed after 4 months. In the radiography, before the exposure, I distinguished a radiopacity layer above the implant head. As well, while elevating the flap there was a respectable amount (1-2 mm height) of hard vital bone, that required certain effort from me in order to discover the head of the implant. In fact, I also got a vertical height of vital bone with good mechanical properties. I will be glade to share with you additional interesting and surprising cases in the future.

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