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Founded in 2004, DDSGadget.com is the e-commerce partner of OsseoNews.com, one of the most widely read dental implant publications worldwide. DDSGadget.com is focused on cutting-edge technology in the world of dentistry.

We started DDSGadget.com to help clinicians discover, and purchase, innovative, high-quality dental products for their practices. We have aligned ourselves with an elite network of top suppliers throughout the U.S. and Internationally, who adhere to the highest manufacturing standards and best practices, and who further maintain strict compliance with all FDA regulations. The products we feature on DDSGadget.com are economical, and competitive, and represent the latest innovations in dental technology.

DDSGadget Suppliers

Impladent LTD Impladent Ltd. develops and markets a broad range of innovative and affordable regenerative materials, including bone graft products and resorbable membranes.

For over 30 years, Impladent Ltd. has been recognized as a leader in the innovation and development of synthetic resorbable bone grafts. In 1985, Impladent Ltd. introduced OsteoGen® Synthetic Bioactive Resorbable Graft (SBRG) used for bone augmentation and repair of alveolar defects. Recently, the company introduced the Osteogen Plug, which combines Osteogen bone graft with a collagen plug.

Surgical Esthetics

Surgical Esthetics™, headquartered in Northridge, CA, is a company focused on regenerative therapies in dentistry. Founded by Dr. Kevin Frawley and other dental professionals who have been involved in regeneration for over 30 years, Surgical Esthetics™ markets a complete line of traditional allografts as well as innovative regenerative therapies in periodontics, oral surgery, and dental implantology. The company is well-known for it's Demineralized Sponge Strip.




DCI Donor Services, Inc. (DCIDS) DCIDS Tissue Bank processes donor tissue into high-quality allografts for implantation in spine, sports medicine, orthopedic, and cranio maxillofacial surgeries. DCIDS Tissue Bank is registered with FDA, accredited by AATB and is licensed in the states that require licensure. The tissue is processed adhering to the highest standards and best practices of the industry. The company offers Mineralized Cortical Cancellous Bone in a variety of sizes.


 Augma Biomaterials Ltd.

Augma Biomaterials Ltd. is a dynamic, innovative Israeli company, that develops bone substitutes and accessories for bone augmentation in maxillofacial surgery. The company is led by Dr. Yahav Amos, D.M.D, who is known worldwide for the revolutionary products he invented, which aim to improve the results of oral augmentation process results. The company's latest product is Bond Apatite.



Citagenix Since 1997, Citagenix has been delivering high-quality dental grafting products, and is well known as the market leader in Canada, with a growing presence across North America and around the world. The company is well known for it's Raptos Syringe, and Neomem membranes.


 Unicare Biomedical Since 1999, Unicare Biomedical, Inc. has provided scientifically sound and high quality medical products for the healthcare community. The Company focuses on the development and supply of wound care and tissue regeneration products for dental and orthopedic applications. The company is known for Benacel Dental Dressing, Cytoflex Membranes.


Collagen Matrix

Since 1997, Collagen Matrix has been awarded significant grant money for the research and development of collagen based matrix products. They have over 200 employees and have commercialized over 50 medical devices. Their products are now distributed around the world via a substantial global distribution network.Collagen Matrix is the manufacturer of our resorbable collagen membranes.


MCT Bio ("Mr. Curette"), is a high-quality dental manufacturer headquartered in South Korea. FDA Registered, MCT Bio is well known for many popular implant kits, such as the Implant Removal Kit, and Fractured Screw Removal Kits. The company private labels instruments, for some of the most widely-known distributors in the dental market.

curasan develops, manufactures and markets biomaterials and medical devices in the field of bone and tissue regeneration, wound healing and osteoarthritis therapy. As a pioneer and global technology leader in the growing field of regenerative medicine, curasan is specialized primarily on biomimetic bone grafting materials for dental, oral/maxillofacial, orthopedic and spinal applications. Numerous patents and a broad record of scientific publications demonstrate the clinical success of curasan´s highly innovative products. Dental and orthopaedic clinicians worldwide benefit from the broad range of the premium quality and easy to use portfolio offered by the technology leader curasan. curasan‘s innovative products are cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many other international authorities curasan´s products are available in almost 50 countries worldwide. curasan is mostly well-known for Cerasorb.



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