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The Amnion Chorion membrane is an ideal barrier membrane for many dental applications. The DALI amnion chorion membrane, manufactured by Surgenex, is a dehydrated amniotic membrane allograft that is shelf-stable and minimally manipulated to maximi...

Electric torque wrench provides accurate tightening torque while minimizing potential fracture. The right angle implant torque wrench with precise torque measure makes it easy to access implant components in difficult to reach posterior areas....
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The sterile, angled disposable bone scraper always has a fresh blade, providing the easiest way to harvest bone in an atraumatic manner.
  • Sharp circular blade for 360° of harvesting
  • Never a dull blade - expose a new cutting su...
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CevOss bone is made of deproteinized bovine bone and is indicated in bone regeneration. Thanks to its natural origin, it is chemically and structurally comparable to mineralized cancellous human bone (natural nanocrystalline apatite). The highly p...

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Regenerative products for your implant practice, including allografts, xenografts, synthetic grafts, membranes and PRF supplies.
We offer high-quality sutures for your dental implant practice at discounted prices. Popular sutures materials include, PTFE, PGA and Chromic Gut.
Popular surgical kits, include the Membrane Fixation Kit, the PRF Horizontal centrifuge, and more...
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