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Automatic Bone Tack Kit

Last Updated: 9/26/2022
Brand:MCT Bio
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Effectively secure membranes with the touch of a button with this Automatic Bone Tack kit. The unique handle drives titanium alloy tacks that stabilize the membrane. Watch video below. Want bones screws also? Check out our or our GBR Kit.

Kit includes:

  • Automatic Tack handle, with New Pull Back Mechanism, and
  • 21 Titanium Tacks (4.5mm L, 2.5mm D)
Important: This Automatic Bone Tack holder is only compatible with MCT Bone Tacks. It will not work with other bone tacks. Replacement Bone Tacks can be purchased separately. Only $40 for a pack of 5 Tacks!
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  • Watch a short demo of our Automatic Bone Tack Kit.

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More Information on Automatic Bone Tack Kit

Stabilize Barrier Membranes with our affordable automatic titanium bone tack kit. The MCT Bone Tack Kit provides dental clinicians with the proper instrumentation for fixating or stabilizing guided tissue regeneration membranes to bone. The Membrane Tacks are small sharp titanium pins used during the healing process by providing an attachment mechanism for the membrane to local and adjacent bone at the surgical site.

Note: Membrane tacks are not intended for long-term implantation, but should be removed upon completion of the healing process.

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