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Bone Collectors

  1. Starting at: $220.00

    With the ACM, Auto Chip, Bone Collector Harvesting Kit, from Neobiotech, you can collect 1cc of autogenous bone within 10 seconds. Autogenous (or Autologous) bone is the gold standard for bone grafting.

    • Kit includes: 1 (one) drill and 1 (one) housing stopper + 6 additional stoppers.
    • Recommended speed 50~300RPM drilling.
    • Stopper will provide 3cc of bone.
    • Additional Housing Stoppers are already sterilized, Do Not Sterilize housing again before using. (Could be melted)
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  2. Regular Price: $220.00

    Special Price $189.00

    Stop suctioning away usable autogenous bone! Use our Titanium Bone Collector set for easy collection of osseous material.
    • All components are made of titanium to prevent alteration to implant surfaces.
    • Bone Collector Net is reusable. Stop wasting money on constant replacement of plastic filters! Simply sterilize and use again.
    • Uses any surgical aspirator that tits into a high volume connector
    • Kit includes: Bone scraper (straight), Bone Collector Net, Suction tubing, adapter.
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