Kerator IOS Male Processing Package: Pack of 2

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Kerator's Male Cap set offers the retention you need for your overdenture attachment system at an unbeatable price!

  • Compatible with other overdenture attachment systems.
  • Male Package includes: 2 Caps of 2.4lbs, 2 Caps of 1.2lbs, 2 Caps of Extra Light Angled, 2 Spacers, and 2 Metal housings.
  • Dual Retention provides greater resiliency and superior performance.
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The retention power of Kerator male caps is down, up to 20%. Colors of the cap determine retention power.

Dual Retention Male Ensures Long-Lasting Performance
The dual retention male allows the denture cap to gently pivot in any natural direction during occlusal, while providing greater resiliency and preventing it from dislodging.

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