bioGRAF Mineralized Natural Blend Allograft Cortical/Cancellous, 250-1000 microns


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bioGRAF Allograft Particulates are a blend of cortical and cancellous particles, offering the structural strength required to maintain space and volume during the remodeling phase. Used alone or as a composite graft, bioGRAF Particulates are an effective alternative to intraoral graft harvesting. The cortical component provides structural integrity and space-maintaining capability. The cancellous component’s porous architecture promotes osteoconduction and rapid revascularization.

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  • Provides scaffold for cell ingrowth
  • Remodels completely
  • Predictable guided bone regeneration
  • Stabilizes implants after 4-6 months
  • Fills voids and extensive bone defects
  • Regeneration of periodontal defects

bioGraf: Natural Allograft Bone

bioGRAF Allograft Particulates preserve natural collagen and minerals with the bony structure of allograft. The existence of these natural minerals and collagen facilitate remodeling of the host bone suitable for implantation. bioGRAF products are processed to promote new bone formation.

bioGraf: Safe and Effective

The complete line of bioGRAF products has been processed and sterilized to the highest standards set forth by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB®) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. bioGRAF allograft is obtained and processed in conjunction with AATB accredited tissue banks.

bioGraf: Tissue Processing

Tissues are processed in accordance with AATB standards and FDA regulations, as well as additional stringent processes, policies and procedures. Operating to these standards allows you to be provided with one of the purest, most predictable and most proven allografts available today.

biograf process

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