Bioviva Hemostatic Wound Dressing

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Bioviva Dressing, made of 100% biocompatible regenerated cellulose, is a wound dressing designed for management of bleeding. It is ideally suited to control the significant bleeding associated with tooth extractions and other intra-oral procedures in general dentistry and oral surgery. Upon contact with blood or fluid, it rapidly transforms into viscous gel sealing wound voids and promoting clotting 

  • Ideal for extraction sites
  • Individually packaged in 1.9cm X 1.9cm squares. 20 squares per box
  • 100% Natural. Derived from plants.
  • Ready for Immediate Use Out of Package
  • Cut or Fold to Desired Size & Shape
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During or after oral surgeries, from wisdom tooth extractions to reconstructive surgery or implants, Bioviva Hemostatic Dressing provides fast-acting control of bleeding and minimizes blood loss. Composed of oxidized-etherified regenerated cellulose, Bioviva Hemostatic Dressing rapidly absorbs blood and transforms into a clear gel to seal the wound with a protective transparent layer, bind and activate platelets, provide support and stabilization for clot formation preventing alveolar osteitis, and create an environment for wound healing, while reducing further pain and site irritation.

  • Can reduce development of alveolar osteitis (Dry Sockets)
  • Soluble, Odorless, Tasteless, Neutral PH, Transparent
  • Gel Binds and Activates Platelets
  • Acts In Seconds
  • Fast Clot Formation to Reduce Healing Time and Quickly Control Bleeding
  • Becomes Transparent For Non-Disruptive Wound Monitoring
  • No Tissue Irritation or Potential Issue with Nerve Proximity

Bioviva Wound Dressing Case Study

Case study by: Timothy Kosinski, MS, DDS

Bioviva is individually packaged, sterile, soluble, cellulose based, bacteriostatic hemostatic gauze dressing made from oxidized, regenerated cellulose derived from plants. Bioviva absorbs blood and immediately transforms into a viscous gel, sealing the extraction site, filling wound voids, seals capillary ends and activating the clotting system to assist the body to stop bleeding (Figure 1).

The product is packed in individual blister packs in 1.9 cm squares for ease of use and to avoid any cross contamination issues (Figure 2). Simply puncture the packaging backing and remove the gauze from the packaging using dry forceps to avoid the gauze from sticking to the forceps (Figure 3). The product can be cut to size if the gauze is larger than the site, but I have found this is generally not necessary and the product can be folded to properly ft using tissue forceps (Figure 4).

Once the product is removed from the packaging the product is simply placed onto the wound or extraction site dry and with a matter of 15-20 seconds the material absorbs the wound fluids and turns into a gel and fills the void (Figure 5). Once the site is properly sealed with the material it can be properly rinsed and should not become dislodged. In this case, a suture was placed in conjunction with the product, but in many cases this may not be necessary. A practitioner’s judgment should be utilized in determining if a suture is required in conjunction with the product (Figure 6). The site can be sutured, but is not necessary, and it should not be sutured in place using primary closure as the product needs to be in contact with oral environment and have proper drainage. It is not recommend to suture with primary closure as the creation of a closed contaminated space could be created and this may increase the risk for abscess formation. Digital panoramic x-ray shows post extraction view of the patient’s third-molar extraction sites (Figure 7).

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Bioviva Case Video

Bioviva Video show the use of Bioviva after the extraction of tooth #2.

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Timothy Kosinski, MS, DDS

5 out of 5 stars

I have found that the Bioviva Hemostatic Gauze Wound Dressing is the optimal choice from clinical results, ease of use and cost effectiveness perspective, for certain cases within my practice.