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Cytoflex Tef-Guard are next-generation non-resorbable PTFE membranes that offer significant advantages over other PTFE membranes. They are made of a proprietary micro-porous expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e PTFE) material and are ideal for socket preservations and bone grafting procedures. The expanded PTFE design of Tef-Guard is a micro-porous material that allows nutrient permeation across the membrane for healthy bone regeneration, but at the same time, the micro-pores are miniscule enough to block bacterial penetration keeping the site safe from infection. The combination of nutrient diffusion and the micro porous texture enhances soft tissue attachment while preventing dehiscence occurrence.

The Tef-Guard comes in both smooth and textured configurations depending on your own procedural preference. Both versions are easy to contour and removal. The textured Tef-Guard and Ti-Enforced membranes, are textured on both surfaces, and allows for better flap attachment of the soft tissue surrounding the graft site.


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