DALI Acellular Dermis as a Membrane Substitute

This video demonstrates the use of DALI acellular dermis as a substitute for a standard membrane in a case of contour augmentation.

This video shows a case using DALI Acellular Dermis as a substitute for a standard membrane in contour augmentation around dental implants. Soft tissue ridge deformity around a dental implant occurs frequently in the esthetic zone. There are several approaches used to address this issue, but each has various disadvantages. Several studies have proposed using acellular dermal matrix (ADM) to treat these soft tissue ridge defects.1, 2

The patient presented missing tooth #13 and a severe ridge deficiency. After a new implant was placed, and after considering the buccal bone situation, a decision was made to proceed with a countour augmentation procedure.  DALI Mineralized Cortical Cancellous Allograft was placed in front of the buccal bone, and then DALI Acellular Dermis was used instead of a barrier membrane. At 3 months post-op, a comparison of before and after pictures, shows a very satisfactory increase of ridge contour as result of emplyoying the use of DALI Dermis, as opposed to a standard membrane. 


1. J Periodontol . 2001 Feb;72(2):265-73. doi: 10.1902/jop.2001.72.2.265. Management of soft tissue ridge deformities with acellular dermal matrix. Clinical approach and outcome after 6 months of treatment E L Batista Jr 1, F C Batista, A B Novaes Jr

ADM may be a suitable material for the treatment of soft tissue ridge deformities due to its biocompatibility, color matching, and horizontal gain.

2. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent . 2003 Feb;23(1):87-92. Soft tissue ridge augmentation with an acellular dermal matrix Randall J Harris

The use of an acellular dermal matrix for soft tissue ridge augmentation is a clinically valuable technique.

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