Bone Regeneration of Extensive Socket Defects with Immediate Implant Placement

This case of severe bone defects, demonstrates some key principles of successful GBR, including the need to stay within the confines of the alveolar housing.

This case involved a 70-year old male who presented with a failing bridge in the lower right posterior quadrant. Radiographically, severe bone loss surrounding 28 and 29 was noted. After removal of bridge, the expected resorption of ridge in the edentulous area was also revealed. Implants were placed in 28 and 30. GBR was performed using DALI Mineralized Cortical Cancellous Allograft covered with OsseoSeal.

Primary closure, a key to successful GBR, was achieved periosteal release and adapted the flaps. 4 months post op, you can see excellent bone regeneration even considering the extent of the original bone defects. As discussed in the video presented, following the principles of GBR, which includes staying within the confines of the alveolar housing will lead to predictable results. 

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