PentOS OI Flex: Demineralized Cortical Sheet

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PentOS O Flex is a 1 mm thick osteoinductive, demineralized cortical allograft that when hydrated, becomes flexible and easily adapts to graft sites that would be difficult to treat with particulate or putty grafts. These characteristics make PentOS OI™ Flex ideally suited for the repair of shallow bone defects or bone loss.

  • Pliable and adapts easily to graft sites
  • Can be used for on lay grafting or to augment thin or missing bone over root form implants
  • Can be fixated with screws
  • Sterilized using low-dose gamma irradiation
  • Shelf-life of 5 years 
  • Available sizes: 10x10mm
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Demineralized Flexible Cortical Sheet Features and Benefits

  • Proprietary processing leaves a cortical sheet that is flexible, allowing it to be easily adapted for use in a 3 wall defect or an onlay to cover a graft site.
  • Product retains enough rigidity to allow it to be easily tucked into a periosteal envelope (as compared to a membrane) and maintains its position during flap closure and suturing Rehydrates quickly and can be easily shaped with scissors or scalpel. Can be tacked or sutured.
  • Provides 3 dimensional osteoconductive scaffold that promotes revascularization and in-growth of new bone.
  • Demineralization process exposes BMP-2 content native to tissue. Each Lot is assayed and tested for it's osteoconductive potential post sterilization.

Common Applications include:

  • Repair of 3 Wall defects
  • Repair of access windows
  • Ridge Augmentations

PentOS OI™ allografts must demonstrate all five elements of bone formation before they are released for use. Post sterilization in-vivo testing on each lot must demonstrate the presence of new bone, bone marrow, osteocytes, cartilage and chondrocytes within 28 days otherwise we can’t call it PentOS OI. In-vitro tests of PentOS OITM demonstrate levels of BMP-2 up to 19 times the native levels in the control.

The grafts are freeze-dried and sterilized using low-dose gamma irradiation to achieve a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6. The grafts should be stored in ambient temperatures (59-86º F or 15-30º C) and have a shelf-life of up to five (5) years from the date of packaging. CellRight’s proprietary next-generation BioRinseTM processing technology has been proven to preserve native bone morphogenic proteins (BMP’s).


PentOS OI bone formation

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PentOS OI Flex Product Video

Video showing the Pentos Flex Demineralized, osteoinductive 100% cortical bone veneer graft. When hydrated the veneer graft becomes pliable and easily adapts to graft sites.

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