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Chromic Gut Suture, 4-0, FS-2 (C6), 12PK

Last Updated: 5/25/2022
12 per box.
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Chromic Gut 4-0 suture with superior tensile strength, longer absorption times, and lower reactions in vivo. Needle: FS-2 (C6), reverse cutting needle (19mm, 3/8 circle). 12 per box.

  • Reverse Cutting Needle (19mm, 3/8 Circle)
  • 18" (45cm) length
  • Color: Brown
  • Strength duration: 14-21 days. Absorb duration: 60-90 days
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More Information on Chromic Gut Suture, 4-0, FS-2 (C6), 12PK

Demetech Chromic Gut Key Benefits

  • DemeTech manufactures its Chromic Catgut sutures with the highest quality collagen, maintaining a composition of 97%-98% of pure collagen.

  • DemeTech's Chromic Catgut sutures are covered in chromic salt to prolong integrity, minimize tissue reactivity, and minimize the chance of adverse reactions.

  • Tensile strength is retained for up to 14 days, and sometimes as long as 21 days.

  • Allows for smooth passage through tissue.

  • Easy knot tying characteristics.

  • DemeTech's new technology of chromicizing strands minimizes the possibility of fraying and maximizes the potential and integrity of its Chromic Catgut.

  • DemeTech's Chromic Catgut is treated with chromium salt solution to resist body enzymes, thereby prolonging the absorption time to over 90 days. 


DemeTech's Chromic Catgut suture is an absorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of highly purified connective tissue (mostly collagen). DemeTech's Chromic Catgut Sutures are available in Brown. 

The chromic covering not only prolongs the strand's integrity, but also minimizes tissue irritation, causing less internal reaction. The percentage of collagen in the catgut suture often determines the quality of the suture. 

Higher percentages of collagen allow for: superior tensile strength, longer absorption times, and lower reactions in vivo.

Surgical Gut suture is an absorbable sterile surgical suture composed of purified connective tissue (mostly collagen) derived from the serosal layer of beef (bovine) intestines.

The chromic gut contains a chromic salt solution to delay absorption. Surgical gut suture meets all requirements established by the United States Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) for absorbable surgical sutures.

Surgical gut (Plain and Chromic) is indicated for use in general, soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in ophthalmic procedures.

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